Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 28

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Sabrina jerked up her curly eyelashes and fluttered a few times. She did not remember who the man was at first glance. After a few seconds, she pursed her lips and said, “Master Nigel.”

The design director reacted immediately as if the crown prince had arrived. The design director got up from the seat, came to the front of Nigel, and said after courteously bowing and nodding, “Master Nigel, what wind blew you here? Were you…here to inspect the work?”

“What’s wrong with this staff?” Nigel asked carelessly.

“Well, a new recruit, no education, and no experience, but absent from work for several days. For such a person, the company could no longer retain her,” the design director said.

“I… I would never miss work again. I would work hard to move bricks at the construction site…” Sabrina was determined to fight for one last chance.

“It’s just an architectural assistant, right? Our company is enormous, so we must have compassion. We should give chances to any new recruits. Everybody makes mistakes, so it’s fine as long as they rectified their mistakes!” Nigel had a careless tone, but what he said was unexpectedly reasonable.

The design director could not say anything else.

The director could also see that Nigel and this shabby out-of-towner chick seemed to know each other.

Since it was the person Nigel wanted to keep, the design director had nothing else to say.

“There would be no next time!” The director said to Sabrina in a solemn tone, “This time, it was because Master Nigel has decided to keep you, so quickly thank Master Nigel.”

Sabrina obeyed and bowed deeply to Nigel. “Thank you, Master Nigel, director. I’ll go to work now.”

“Return to your desk first,” said the director.

“Mm.” Sabrina turned around and left.

The design director courteously looked at Nigel. “Master Nigel, who is this girl to you? Do you want to arrange an easy job for her?”

Easy job?

Nigel has seen countless flower-like ladies at the office. Every time he came to the company, those flowers would swarm around him. The way they spoke like a pampered child and the pungent perfume smell made Nigel feel like he had seen enough.

He had now changed his taste.

The chick in front of him─ who could resign herself to adversity, had a cold expression, was self-restrained and shabby─ has aroused his great interest.

Sebastian also said that this girl was only used to console Nigel’s aunt anyway.

Nigel already could not wait to think about the picture.

‘Hehe, I look forward to it very much just by thinking about it.’

“Of course, we should treat all employees in a strictly business-like manner. She is not someone I knew, let alone my girlfriend, and we also did not leave the back door for her!” Nigel said with an extremely stern tone.

“Understood, Master Nigel!” After receiving Nigel’s order, the design director came to Sabrina and said with a tense face, “Sabrina, you would still have to go to the construction site after lunch to gain some experience.”

Sabrina immediately nodded, “I know, I would go after lunch.”

It was good enough to keep the job, so she did not care if it was moving bricks or drawing designs in the office.

At lunchtime, others were in various restaurants frequented by white-collars to eat lunch boxes that costed 20 to 30 USD. Sabrina had no money, so she could only go to those small alleys to buy mushroom sandwiches.

The two together costed three dollars.

Sabrina ate with satisfaction even when she had it with tap water.

“Pretty lady! I had been looking for you for a long time!” Nigel stood in front of Sabrina and said bluntly.

With the half-eaten mushroom sandwich still in Sabrina’s mouth, she froze and looked at Nigel. “Master Nigel…”

“You get to keep your job because of me. Shouldn’t you thank me?” Nigel asked with his lips curled and a wicked smile.

“Thank you.” Sabrina pursed her lips and sincerely thanked him.

“No sincerity!”

Sabrina said, “What kind of sincerity does Master Nigel need?”