Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 33

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Nigel’s car came inconspicuously to the front of Sabrina, “Sabrina, get in. I happened to be going back, I’ll give you a ride?”

Sabrina looked at her dirt-covered self, shook her head and smiled. “No, I’ll just wait for the bus.”

“It’s already so late. There shouldn’t be any buses anymore, or maybe the bus just broke down somewhere, so you wouldn’t be able to leave unless you call a cab,” Nigel kindly said.

To call a cab?

She was almost completely broke.

“Just get in.” Nigel personally opened the door for Sabrina, and Sabrina got in without any more hesitation.

“Where to?” Nigel gently asked.

“Harmony Hospital,” Sabrina said two brief and simple words, then did not speak anymore.

Nigel looked at Sabrina a few times throughout the whole journey. She quietly stared out the window and did not initiate any conversation with Nigel until she got out of the car.

However, Nigel was not anxious at all.

The more prolonged and unceasingly pestered the game was, the more it was worth looking forward to.

The car stopped. When it was time to get out of the car, Nigel took the lead to open the car door for Sabrina. Sabrina was tired from the long day, and her legs were a little numb as she had been sitting in the car for a long time. When she got off the car, she stumbled and accidentally stepped on Nigel’s sparkling leather shoes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Sabrina was frightened and quickly took out a tissue from her bag, then squatted to wipe Nigel’s shoes personally.

Nigel stood in front of the car and looked downwards at the woman who was wiping his shoes. It was as if the woman was kneeling at his feet and was submissively kissing his feet.

He enjoyed it very much.

Sabrina happened to raise her gaze and looked at Nigel as well. “Master Nigel, your shoes have been wiped. Do you think it looks alright?”

“Very good!” Nigel complimented as he looked condescendingly down at her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, Sebastian’s car came out of the hospital. Sebastian had clearly seen the whole situation through the tinted window where Sabrina squatted at Nigel’s feet to wipe his shoe.

Sebastian’s car drove further away, and it disappeared out of sight.

He had been too busy these days. He had taken over the Ford group, so there were many things on hand that he needed to deal with. The most difficult thing to handle was that many corporate groups wanted to unite with him through marriage.

However, Sebastian hated the idea that marriage was for the sake of forming business connections.

Sebastian had almost finished with most of the company matters. Sebastian has to spend all his energy dealing with the old man and woman at the old residence in the next two days. He also had to deal with the ladies from the noble and wealthy families that they had invited.

The following afternoon, which was also the time for the old Ford Residence banquet, Sebastian drove to the old residence after he had finished some business at the company. The evening dress that he specially prepared for Selene was at the back seat of the car.

This dress was expedited and customized from Zoshington, and tailored to Selene’s temperament and height. Sebastian wanted Selene to outshine everyone present in beauty, so all the other girls would give up.

The car was stopped at an intersection not far from the residence. Sebastian took out his phone and called Kingston. “Hey, have you arrived?”

Kingston immediately replied, “Five minutes more, Young Master Sebastian.”

Kingston arrived five minutes later. The car stopped. Sebastian waited by the door for Selene to get out of the car. However, Selene wrapped herself tightly with a veil and a hat.

“What happened to you?” Sebastian asked unhappily, “Why are you wearing a veil?”

At this critical moment, what was the point of being pretentious?

Sebastian lifted his wrist to pull Selene’s veil away. Selene looked at Sebastian without knowing if she should cry or laugh. “Young…Young Master Sebastian, I… I, I had already iced it for two or three days, but… there’s still finger markings left on my face, I…”

Sebastian said offhandedly, “You’re so ugly!”