Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 34

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“Master Sebastian…” Selene wanted to cry but did not dare to, which made her face looked even uglier. “I knew you don’t like me, and I’m the one who was reaching above my station for you. I would not appear in front of you again.”

Selene turned around and left.

Sebastian unexpectedly grabbed her arm.

He was feeling more disgusted by Selene.

However, there was a sense of responsibility. Selene once saved his life with her body, so that made him s*****w all the disgust he had and tried his best to soften his tone instead. “How did your face become like that?”

Selene had two rows of tears streamed down in grievance and shook her head.

“Speak!” Sebastian said impatiently.

“My…My mom slapped me,” Selene said honestly.


Selene tremblingly said, “Your… Your mother sent someone to get my mother and me over. She said she wanted to… to avenge her daughter-in-law, so she asked my mom to… slap my face. If my mom didn’t slap me, then your mother would… ask two men to hit my face with the soles of their shoes, a hundred times each.”

Sebastian was speechless.

Over the years, his mother had been plotted against several times when she was in the Ford family. This forced his mother, who was initially gentle and weak, to learn a few tactics to protect him. Sebastian knew very well in his heart that his mother could do such a thing when Selene described the incident.

“Young Master Sebastian, you…Don’t blame your mother. In her heart, Sabrina was her rightful daughter-in-law, and I… was nothing. Your mother did not know that I saved you with my own body.”

“Besides, to the Ford family, a woman’s body is really nothing worthy.”

“Therefore, it’s alright, Young Master Sebastian.”

“From now on, I would disappear from your mother and you, and also Sabrina, no, I would disappear from Young Mistress Ford,” Selene said in a pitiful manner.

After she finished her sentence, she automatically broke away from Sebastian’s grip.

However, Sebastian’s grip got tighter. He was still looking at Selene with a cold gaze, and then said to Kingston, “Take her to Doctor Hahn, and give her the best medicine, then send her home.”

Selene looked at Sebastian with surprise, “Young Master Sebastian, you… don’t blame me?”

“Go home and rest well. I would see you after I’m finished with things on this end.” Sebastian patiently gave Selene the greatest comfort.

Selene hid her face and nodded, “Thank you, Young Master Sebastian. I’ll get going now.”

Selene was resentful and she knew that she had lost the opportunity to meet his parents and make a name for herself in front of other socialites today. The only thing she could do was to cry and complain to Sebastian.

When she got into Kingston’s car, Selene sat alone in the back seat and swore in her heart, ‘I must make her pay twice over! I must let Sabrina d*e a horrible d***h!’

Suddenly, a figure flashed past the outside of the car window.

The figure looked especially like Sabrina.

There was a small group of five-to-six people. They were all wearing servers’ uniforms and were walking together toward the Ford Residence. The tallest among them with the most eye-catching appearance was Sabrina.

The other servers were all chatting and laughing and were very excited.

“To be the server at the private reception by the Ford family, I guess I’ll get a lot of tips today. Hehe.”

“Are you here as a server just for the tips?”

“If not, what else could it be?”

“To fish for a rich partner? There would be plenty of young men from rich families who would attend receptions held at luxurious mansions like this. If you picked one and successfully became his girlfriend, then you would be the rich wife in a wealthy family in the future.”

The group of female servers was all chattering, but Sabrina was the only one who was silent.

“Hey, you! You’re so tall and pretty. Were you a server before? I guess you must be here to catch a rich guy, right?” asked one of the servers as she tugged on Sabrina.