Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 40

Read Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 40

Sabrina did not say anything.

From the first moment Nigel approached her, she could tell that Nigel was a rich man who was just looking for some fun to divert himself from boredom and loneliness.

Sabrina could not afford to play this kind of game, but she also could not afford to offend Nigel either.

She forced a smile at Nigel, then continued to walk forward.

“Get in!” Nigel leisurely rested an arm on the car window, then laughed and said, “You don’t have to be afraid. I wouldn’t eat you. If I had evil intentions, I don’t have the guts. Otherwise, my cousin would chop me into ground meat.”

Sabrina glanced at Nigel.

Nigel parked the car, got out, and pulled open the door. “If you went on foot in the dark like this, you might meet a man that could be worse than me. What would you do then?”

Sabrina hesitated for a moment.

She got into the car.

Nigel closed the door, abruptly started the car, and made a sharp turn. Sabrina lost her balance and fell onto Nigel.

Nigel wrapped a hand around her.

“Master Nigel, please let me out of the car!” Sabrina suddenly broke away outwards.

However, Nigel only wrapped his arms around her for a moment and then let go after keeping her steady. His arms were strong, which made Sabrina feel a trace of warmth.

He chuckled. “Sit tight, don’t bump into things, and put on the safety belt.”

Sabrina bit her lips. “Thank you.”

“You seemed so quiet and honest like a country girl. I could not tell that you had such great ambitions. You dared to come to the partner selection banquet for my cousin? Don’t tell me you wanted to become the Young Mistress to Young Master Sebastian?” Nigel asked Sabrina with interest after he had steadied his driving.

Sabrina did not answer.

She knew no matter what she answered, it would be a wasted explanation.

She was not close to Nigel. The purpose she was here had nothing to do with Nigel.

Therefore, she did not explain.

She only looked ahead and wandered off in her deep thoughts.

Nigel also did not mind. He then asked again, “Thinking about Master Shaw, right?”

Sabrina raised her gaze and glanced at Nigel. It was obvious that Nigel had it right. She was indeed thinking of that man named Marcus Shaw.

Will Marcus lend her 2,000 USD?

They only spoke briefly. Why should he lend her money?

If she did not have the money, then how would she compensate the owner for the camera money?

“Although you are poor, you had a very keen vision. You knew that you could not hook up with my cousin, so you wanted to seduce Master Shaw. However, the Shaw family is very strict even though the Shaw family’s power and status are far less than the Ford family. The head of the Shaw family would never allow Marcus to fool around outside.”

Sabrina uttered, “Uh…”

Nigel glanced at her from the rearview mirror.

Nigel had butterflies in his stomach.

He liked that she had such wild ambitions even though she looked self-restrained, indifferent and bewildered in shabby clothes.

Nigel felt that the game became increasingly more fun. He lightly coughed and asked, “Where should I drop you off?”

Sabrina regained her senses. “Master Nigel, you could drop me at a place in front so I could catch a bus.”

“Not hungry?” Nigel asked again.

Sabrina shook her head. “Not hungry.”

“But I’m hungry.”

Sabrina was puzzled.

Nigel said in a casual tone, “There was plenty of wine and delicious foods at the banquet, but I couldn’t be bothered to eat. I was too focused on looking for beautiful women. After the banquet, I initially wanted my grandma to make me a bowl of noodles before I left. However, I was afraid that you might meet a Big Bad Wolf alone on the road, so I hurriedly drove over to send you off. Therefore, I’m hungry.”

Sabrina rubbed and interlaced her fingers. “I… I haven’t received my paycheck yet.”