Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 41

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Nigel did not plan to let her off the hook. “I’ll pay for you in advance. When you get paid, you could pay me back double.”

Sabrina was extremely hungry in actuality.

Nigel brought her to a small restaurant and only ordered a few affordable dishes, as well as two bowls of chicken noodle soup.

As soon as the soup arrived, Sabrina could not wait and ate with her head lowered. She did not even look up as she finished half of the noodles. When she was almost done, she looked up to see that Nigel did not even touch his utensils.

“Why… are you not eating?” Sabrina asked.

Nigel casually spoke and cursed, “D*mn it! I would demolish this small restaurant tomorrow!

“I asked them if the food was my favorite local cuisine that was on the sweeter end. They said yes, but when the dishes came and I took a bite, it was not sweet at all!”

“It’s all oily and salty.”

“I’m not happy about it!”

“Were the dishes to your liking? If they were to your liking, then you should eat more. I don’t have to demolish their restaurant.”

Sabrina understood from his words that he had actually eaten. He just wanted to let her eat more.

She instantly felt a warm feeling in her heart. “Thank you. I’m full.”

“Where to send you next? Could you still return to my cousin’s place?” Nigel’s tone was filled with interest again.

The smiling expression instantly disappeared from Sabrina’s eyes.

After a long time, she said, “Send me to the hospital where Aunt Grace is at, I would accompany her at the hospital first.”

She did not get the photos for Grace, so she did not even know how to explain to Grace. However, she had nowhere else to go tonight, so she could only go to the hospital to see if there was a place for her to stay overnight.

Nigel again patiently sent her to the hospital, and he drove off.

Sabrina knew the hospital would not allow any companions to spend the night at the ward, so there was no need for her to go to the ward at all. She came and curled under the window behind Grace for the whole night, and also thought about things for the whole night.

The next day.

Sabrina took the early bus to return to Sebastian’s place at the break of dawn.

She had thought about it, and she wanted to honestly tell Sebastian everything that she had experienced in the past.

On the other end, Sebastian did not sleep for the whole night.

He saw Sabrina on the way back from the old residence, but he was extremely furious, so he did not bring her back with him.

He waited for three hours after he got home, but Sabrina still did not return.

He called her, but her phone was off.

Could it be that she fled in fear because he had discovered her agenda?

Did she think she could hide from him by escaping?

Sebastian waited all night.

He grabbed his car keys and went downstairs. When he arrived downstairs, he saw Selene standing outside the door of the building and was covered in dew from last night.

“How long had you been waiting here?” Sebastian impatiently asked.

“After I applied the medication your assistant bought me… I came right over.” Selene looked at Sebastian pitifully.

She seemed to have picked up a lot of courage. “Darling Sebastian, I have thought about it for a long time and I still decided to tell you. Even if you never see me again from now on, I would still tell you because I don’t wish your mom to be fooled. Sabrina truly is a swindler who would do anything evil. Darling Sebastian, you must believe me, please.”

Selene weakly raised her hand to hold her forehead and stood unsteadily while swaying. Then, she fell head first into Sebastian’s arms.

Sebastian hugged Selene in his arms, but his eyes were looking behind Selene.

Sabrina stood behind Selene with a pale face. Sabrina’s body gradually collapsed the moment she saw Sebastian holding Selene in his arms.

Sabrina fainted.

Sebastian suddenly shook Selene off, took a big step forward, and held Sabrina in his arms. “Sabrina?”

Selene was speechless.