Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 42

Read Punished by His Love By Suzie Chapter 42

“Sabrina! Sabrina! Wake up!” Sebastian raised his hand and placed it on Sabrina’s forehead. He realized that her forehead was burning hot.

The man carried Sabrina and quickly walked towards the car. He pulled open the door and put Sabrina into the car. The man then got in and started the engine. After a cloud of black smoke came out from the car’s rear end, the car was driven away swiftly.

Selene cried out desperately behind him, “Darling Sebastian…”

However, Sebastian’s car was already gone without a trace.

Selene was so angry that she pounded the planter box outside of Sebastian’s building with all might. Her skin on the back of the hand was bruised from pounding which made her howl in pain as she sat on the ground.

After she was exhausted from crying, she drove home with indignation.

At that moment, Lincoln and Jade were waiting for Selene in the living room with a hopeful expression. They expected good things to happen in their hearts but the couple did not notice something was not right with Selene.

“How is it, my good daughter? Did Master Sebastian and you…” Jade wanted to ask Selene something embarrassing that was hard to talk about, but once she thought of her husband who was still beside her, she kept her mouth shut again.

On the contrary, Lincoln quickly said, “Quickly tell dad, did Sebastian let you stay over last night? You have to hurry up and get pregnant with Sebastian’s child as soon as you could. The position as Young Mistress to the Ford family could only then be considered yours securely.”

Jade smacked her husband. “Were you not afraid of your daughter being shy? You blurted everything out like that!”

Selene bursted out crying. “Dad, Mom, I want Sabrina to d*e! I must let her d*e!”

Just then, Lincoln and Jade realized that Selene’s eyes were swollen from crying.

“What happened, my daughter? Did that b*tch Sabrina bully you again? Quickly tell mom.” Jade felt heartache for her and quickly hugged Selene.

“I want to let Sabrina d*e, she must d*e! Sebastian already knew Sabrina was pregnant with a b*stard, but he was still nice to her. Mom, Sebastian would find out sooner or later that the child in Sabrina’s belly was his. When that time comes, based on Sebastian’s character, our whole family would have to d*e. What to do? What to do, Dad, Mom?

“I don’t want to d*e. I want to marry Sebastian.”

“Yesterday at the Ford family banquet, I had already arrived at the door of Ford Residence to attend the banquet. However, my face was swollen and deformed, so Sebastian sent me back. I saw many socialites from our city and Kidon city went in one after another to the Ford Residence.”

All the unmarried women in South City wanted to marry Sebastian.

“He is the current head of the Ford family.”

“The opportunity was mine and Sebastian had already promised to marry me, but…” Selene cried with despair and grievance.

Jade was too sorry for her daughter to say anything. When she suddenly saw her daughter’s hands were bleeding, her feelings of sorry turned into rage. “Lincoln Lynn! Sabrina, that evil creature, existed because of you, so you had to think of a way to exterminate that evil creature!”

“It is not the problem of whether our daughter, Selene, could marry Sebastian or not.”

“As long as Sabrina is alive, our whole family would have to d*e!”

“You tell us what we should do!”

Lincoln was frightened by Jade’s words.

One would most likely have the courage to do all sorts of things in times of crisis.

“What should we do?” Lincoln said viciously, “Last time, those hooligans couldn’t k**l Sabrina because they weren’t capable! It seems that this time we have to put in some effort!”

Lincoln took out his phone and dialed a series of numbers. “Is this Private Investigator Carter? Find someone for me, and it must be done confidentially. Ten million, no problem. A 40-years-old rural woman.”

After he hung up, Jade looked at Lincoln in a daze. “Lincoln, did you want to find her out?”

“That’s right!” Lincoln said with a malicious expression.

“There was no news about her at all. Where could she be found?” Jade asked.

“There are not many places where she could stay. This private investigator that I hired is very good. If we spent more time on it, we could definitely find her.”

Selene, who was still in tears, cried and asked, “It would take some time to find this woman, and we couldn’t be sure if we could find her, but what should we do now?

“Sebastian already knew Sabrina’s carrying another man’s b*stard child, but he sent her to the hospital with her in his arms.”

Jade sneered. “That may not be a good thing. Perhaps Sebastian only wanted his mother to have some consolation before she passed away, so no matter what mistakes Sabrina made, he would not do anything to her for the time being. This wouldn’t do. We have to go to the hospital to have a look!”

The whole Lynn family quickly decided to go to the hospital to see if Sabrina was d**d or alive.

They pretended to be patients and sneaked into the hospital. Sabrina had a high fever because she was out frozen in the cold for a night, so Sebastian took her to the emergency room. Lincoln, Jade, and Selene secretly came to the emergency room but did not dare to approach. They only looked at the emergency room from a distance.

Sebastian was standing outside of the door to the emergency room.

It was not yet eight o’clock in the morning, and many doctors had not reported at work yet. All the doctors on duty were called to the emergency room by Sebastian. The doctor was about to give Sabrina an emergency antipyretic d**g but heard the half-conscious Sabrina muttering,

“My baby… My baby, Mommy… Mommy is sorry for making you endure the freeze with me… Mommy, Mommy… had no other way. Baby, how about… Mommy take you with me to d*e? Mommy had been living a really difficult life. Mommy take you to grandma, alright?” Sabrina, who was in a half-conscious state, had tears overflowing from the corner of her eyes.

The doctor suddenly did not dare to administer the medicine.

One of the doctors pushed open the emergency room door and said to Sebastian in a tremble, “Master… Master Sebastian, the patient that you sent here, she… She is pregnant. Pregnant women could not be given a high dosage… what… what should we do?”

The doctor secretly raised his gaze to look at Sebastian after asking that.

The man with his eyebrows contracted was surrounded by the light of the dawn. His gaze was sharp. His deep bottomless cold eyes contained an overwhelming hostility that made people near him feel like they were in a dangerous situation.

The doctor slowly retreated backwards.

Sebastian had already grabbed onto the doctor’s lapel before the doctor could retreat to a place he considered as safe. He asked the doctor with a furious tone that could almost k**l, “You are the doctor, and you asked me what to do?”

“Haha!” Selene, who was secretly watching from afar, suddenly chuckled and almost burst out laughing. “Mom, Dad, look. Darling Sebastian is angry. He is extremely angry. Although Sabrina and Sebastian had a fake marriage, he is the kind of person who would not allow Sabrina to make him a cuckold. This time Sabrina could only wait for d***h!”

When she finished her words, she suddenly heard Sebastian say, “I will personally conduct a physical cooling for her!”