A List of Popular Roblox Admin Commands – Updated

Roblox is getting more popular from time to time. Today, this platform is used by at least 200 million users around the world. For those who love to create games and play them with others will surely be delighted with this platform.

Over the years, there are several popular commands used in Roblox. In this article, you will find those most sought-for commands, the functions, and how to use it. You can also use these free commands to create your game and play with others.

About Roblox Admin Commands

Before jumping on the commands section, you may want to know about the term in the first place. As mentioned earlier, Roblox is a platform where you can create and play a game.

Other than playing a game in general, this platform also allows users to use Roblox admin commands to execute specific tasks. These commands are useful because you can perform tasks without doing it in the first place.

Besides, the commands will help you to unlock various hidden features in the game. Lots of users use the commands to mess with other players, which add more fun to the entire game.

But do you know how to get Roblox admin commands in the first place? Is there any way to get Roblox admin commands for free?

Of course, nothing is impossible but this one requires your laser focus. Creating or redeeming admin commands is challenging, after all.

How to Use Admin Commands

First thing you should know, you can only use the Roblox admin commands if you have the Administrator badge. Roblox gives this badge to you if you are the administrator of the game. Fortunately, everyone can get this honor for free.

When you become the admin for a game, you can use all Roblox admin commands you’ve known to run the game. On the other hand, the badge allows you to give access to other players using commands too.

After getting the badge, here are the steps on how to make the commands run in the game.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to access the Roblox Platform.
  2. After that, enter a game that has the admin pass. The information is stated under the game’s photo.
  3. Once you enter the game, access the chat box and type “;cmds” in it to open a list of commands. There you can type any command you want to use in the game.

Keep in mind, you have to always put “;” before typing the command. And then, just like any other thing you do in the digital world, hit “Enter” to execute the command.

How to Get the Admin Commands

The easiest way is by asking the existing admin to grant you a pass. Otherwise, you should own an Admin Pass. Thus, if you don’t mind the budget, buying an Admin Pass is a great idea. Here are the tutorial admin commands you can try.

#1 Go to ROBUX

Buying the pass is the easiest way to get a badge to use Roblox admin commands. ROBUX, on the other hand, is the native token of Roblox.

The Admin Pass itself costs about 900 ROBUX, even though the currency surely differs from one country to another. But don’t worry because going for free stuff is also possible

#2 Get the Roblox Admin Commands for Free

Yes, you can get the Admin Pass for free. Besides, who doesn’t like free stuff? Check out these steps to get admin commands Roblox free.

  1. First of all, you should launch the Roblox Platform and type “HD Admin” on the search box.
  2. After that, add what you’ve found to the inventory. All you need to do is to click the “Get” button.
#2 Get the Roblox Admin Commands for Free - 1
  1. In this part, you should access the Toolbox and hit the “Create” button. Go to the next step by hitting the “Create game” option. If this is your first time using Roblox, you have to download the install first.
#2 Get the Roblox Admin Commands for Free - 2
  1. Again, go to the Toolbox and click “Models” then head to “My Models”.
  2. In this tab, find the “HD Admin” and then proceed with clicking the “ROBLOX” button.
  3. After that, you will get a link to copy. You should use this link in any game for several times, until you get the “Admin rank” eventually.

Once you finally get the Admin rank, you can access any game that comes with admin pass. By that, you can be the admin to that game, which means you don’t need to buy an Admin Pass at all.

Roblox Admin Commands List 2022

Now you already own access to be an admin for every game. It is time for you to know and use the best Roblox admin commands. Generally, you can check several commands on the official website. Still, not all commands are written on the page.

And if you have ever heard of the flamingo Roblox admin commands, don’t be bothered with that. So, here is a list of the most popular Roblox admin commands you should know.

#1 Roblox Admin Commands Script from A to J

;Admin – You use this to allow other players to be admins.

;Bighead – If you hit this command, the other player’s head will go big.

;Control – You can control other players. They may feel like being hacked somehow.

;Explode – Another player will explode in no time.

;Ff – Your player will have a force field around.

;Fire – A fire will start around your player.

;Fix – Got a broker script? This command will fix it.

;Fly – Do you want to fly? Give this command a try.

;Freeze – It instantly freezes out other players in a specific time span.

;Givetools – An instant way to get a starter pack for playing Roblox.

;God Mode – It allows you to play god. You won’t get killed and deadly.

;Invisible – The command to disappear like a ninja.

;Jail – Depending on the game, the player will be in jail.

;Jump – It gives the ability to jump.

#2 Roblox Admin Commands List from K to T

;Kick – A shortcut to kick and ban other players from the game.

;Kill – Killing a player shortly.

;Loopkill – Instantly kills other players in a loop.

;Merge – This makes a player merge with another. It’s just a funny command.

;MiniHead – Trolling other players by making their heads bigger.

;Normal – Reverses all commands.

;Rainbowify – Turns a player into a rainbow.

;Removetools – Make the player’s tools disappear.

;Removelimbs – As literal as removing their limbs.

;Respawn – Summons the dead.

;Sit – Selected players may sit forcefully.

;Smoke – Smoke will circulate around them.

;Sparkles – Brings sparks to your player.

;Stun – Selected players will be unable to do anything.

;Trip – Stop the player trip immediately.

#3 Free Admin Commands from U to Z

;Unadmin – Selected players won’t be able to use any command script.

;Unff – The force field will disappear.

;UnFire – Remove the fire.

;Unfly – Selected players won’t fly anymore.

;UnGodMode – No playing god anymore.

;Unjail – Releases the player from jail.

;Unsmoke – The smoke will disappear.

;Unstun – Reverses the stun spell.

;Visible – Get rid of the invisible command.

;Zombify – Selected players will become zombies and kill others with viruses.

More than 200 Roblox admin commands available, generally. The list above is the most commonly used by players.

However, you have to download the admin command package before using the commands in the game. Among many packages for Roblox, the Kohl’s Admin Infinite is the most popular command console package.

Of course, you can buy other packages and use them in your games. More than anything, Roblox admin commands are fun things to experience with, especially if you have the know-how knowledge.

How to Use Kohl’s Admin Infinite

Other than using Roblox admin commands download packs, you can customize the commands in the first place. As mentioned earlier, Kohl’s Admin Infinite is one of the packages you can use for a console.

Other than for typing commands, you can also create customized Roblox admin commands with this tool. Be sure to follow the steps religiously.

  1. Open the Roblox Studio and access the Toolbox.
How to Use Kohl’s Admin Infinite - 1
  1. Find the result by using the filter.
How to Use Kohl’s Admin Infinite - 2
  1. See the picture below to find what to download and install.
How to Use Kohl’s Admin Infinite - 3
  1. If you have downloaded and installed the package, you will find Kohl’s Admin Infinite in the Explorer.
  2. Open the “Setting” tab by clicking the arrow under the Credit button.
  3. You can enter any command you want by using this package. For instance, banning the player like in the picture below.

In case you want to modify the commands and use them, be sure to insert the script properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use your admin ability.

When you insert the commands, your chat box will appear on the screen and other players will be able to see it. So, here is a way you can do it when it comes to how to hide the chat box and enter the commands without anyone knowing.

All you need to do is to add “/e:” without the quotation marks. It will make the chat box disappear instantly – or at least other players won’t be able to see it.

Are Roblox Admin Commands Safe?

Safety issues are always one of the most popular topics to discuss. So, what about Roblox admin commands?

For your information, there are a bunch of games on Roblox’s library while many of them are developed by users. It also means that many commands are also developed by users. No one can ensure the testing is proper and practical.

So, it is safe to say that you better not try any Roblox admin commands you’ve found somewhere for your game. Especially for beginners, you better stick to the list of commands above.

Last but not least, can players hack the commands? Well, they could – however, the chance is zero. Admin is the only person who has the ability to grant access. You can say that Roblox admin commands hack will never work.

Final Thoughts

Creating a game, playing with friends, and becoming the one that has control over everyone is fun through admin commands. However, you better know what you are doing or you will lose the ability to do that.

And this is everything you need to know about the Roblox admin commands. If you are a beginner, sticking to the available commands is a good idea

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