The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 12

Failed The Interview

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“Why? What were you thinking? You had asked a new graduate to write an examination paper we had prepared for experienced professional designers.” The other female interviewer eyed Elaine with suspicion. She picked up the resume that Elaine had thrown away and leafed through the pages. “Janet seems like a promising candidate. She is better than all her peers. We can’t afford to miss such a talent. Do you have any personal grudges against her?”

Elaine anxiously bit her lip. “Why would I have anything against her?” She shrugged, trying to sound indifferent. There were many rumors about Janet when we were in college. She isn’t as innocent as she seems. During her freshman year, Janet would roam around stealing other people’s boyfriends. I know her better than you guys. She has a bad reputation. We can’t take the risk of recruiting her.”

“Oh, I see. We trust your judgment. If that’s the case, we can’t recruit her. If you hadn’t explained it to me, it would have seemed like you had used your position to take your revenge. Anyway, she’s just a fresher. It wouldn’t be a big deal to reject her. Hey, listen. There is a Mexican restaurant right across the street. I heard it’s very good. Do you want to go there and give it a try?” asked the other female interviewer.

She didn’t dare to insist on recruiting Janet anymore. Although she felt a little reluctant to let go of such a talent, she didn’t want to risk her job. After all, pure talent alone wasn’t the only criteria while recruiting a candidate — character was equally important. The woman didn’t want to get into trouble.

If Janet joined the company and caused problems later, she would have to bear the brunt of her decisions.

The Larson Group was located in the center of the city. Janet had to take several buses to get to the suburb.

After about two hours of travel, she finally returned home. Janet was so exhausted that she slumped on the sofa as soon as she returned home.

Elaine had always despised Janet ever since they were in college. Her hatred was apparent during the interview. Therefore, Janet guessed she would somehow prevent her from getting the job.

Just as she was lost in thought, she received an e-mail from the HR department of the Larson Group that she had failed the interview.

Janet stood up and went to the table to get her laptop. She was not discouraged.

There were still many other companies that she could work for. Janet scrolled through the e-mails and continued to prepare for interviews. She was determined to get a job.

Just then, her stomach rumbled. Janet had been busy with the interview since she woke up — she neither had the time nor energy to eat. She went to the kitchen, made a quick sandwich, and munched on it as she continued to read the e-mails.

Just then, she heard the clinking of keys, and the door opened. Ethan walked in, wearing a black jacket and faded jeans. He slumped on the sofa and let out a long, weary sigh.

As he turned to look at Janet, his gaze fell on her resume and the portfolio on the table. “Are you looking for a job?” he asked.

“I have graduated from college,” said Janet with a mouthful of sandwich. “I obviously have to find a job. I have made more sandwiches. Do you want one?”

Ethan looked at Janet. She was wearing light makeup and a simple yet elegant outfit. Her dressing revealed she was an art major.

Ethan looked at her plump lips as she bit her sandwich — they looked inviting. He blinked away and said, “Well, I’ll have one if there are any extra sandwiches.”

Janet put the sandwich in front of him and sat opposite him. Ethan’s eyes fell on the pamphlet of the Larson Group under her resume. He picked it up and looked at her. “Did you go to the Larson Group for an interview?”


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