The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 122


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The more people that pointed their fingers at Fiona, the more overwhelmed she got. She was so enraged that she needed to take a few deep breaths to regulate her blood pressure. How she wished in that moment she could strangle Janet to d***h!

Thankfully, she managed to hold herself back. She racked her brains for a way to redeem her reputation, but found that she couldn’t refute Ethan’s statement at all. There was no way she could admit to the d***y things she had done. Her only choice was to retreat.

Seeing that her mother was nearing defeat, Jocelyn was furious. She opened her mouth to give Janet an earful, but was interrupted by Fiona.

“Calm down, Jocelyn.” Fiona shook her head. Then, she whispered into her daughter’s ear, “We’ve lost. It’ll be worse if we try to defend ourselves.”

Jocelyn wrinkled her nose with disdain. “Mom, I can’t stand her arrogance! When she still lived with us, she never fought back tch deserves to be punished. Who does she think she is, anyway? She’s just a b***h who was abandoned by her biological parents!”

Fiona’s eyes went wide and her hand flew to cover Jocelyn’s mouth. They weren’t in the confines of their own home. If Jocelyn kept talking like this, things would just get worse.

“We’re leaving.”

They couldn’t stay here a second longer. Fiona shot Janet one last m*******s glare before turning around to leave with Jocelyn and the timid Bernie.

As they stormed off, Fiona gritted her teeth angrily.

She was never going to let Janet go. She needed to take revenge.

After the Lind family of three left, the commotion died down and the guest went back to drinking and talking.

Just as Janet was about to approach Ethan, several colleagues stopped her.

“Lind, you look amazing today. If I didn’t see you quarreling with those women, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

Gerda grinned from ear to ear, with a slice of cake in one hand.

“Yes. It was a good chance to make things clear.” Janet smiled back helplessly.

As she spoke, she craned her neck to look for Ethan, only to find that his broad back was to her. Shortly after, he disappeared in the crowd that surrounded her.

“I knew you weren’t the kind of person they made you out to be!” Gerda said enthusiastically, pumping her fist in the air.

Many employees from the Larson Group were at this party. After the altercation just now, they all knew the truth. They all came over and toasted to Janet’s victory.

“We’re sorry, Lind. We used to think you just lived off of your foster parents’ money.”

“Little did we know that your foster family is the worst! They’re rich, yet they pretended to be poor and miserable here!”

“Yeah. We didn’t know the truth and gossiped about you behind your back. We’re really sorry.”

Janet smiled faintly and her eyes softened. She wasn’t good at this kind of stuff. What with the crowd that surrounded her, she could only smile and politely clink glasses with everyone. “It’s okay, you guys. It doesn’t matter now. Just forget it.”

After the crowd dispersed after a while, she let out a long sigh.

Now that she had cleared up the truth in front of so many people, no one would dare accuse her of being ungrateful again.

It was already past midnight when the party ended.

A cold full moon hung in the sky, surrounded by twinkling stars.

The Larson Group arranged for luxury cars to send the guests home from the party, which drove off one by one.

Janet and Ethan were also led to a car that would take them home.

On the way, Ethan sat in the backseat silently. His eyelids drooped slightly, but the corners of his jaw were tight. Janet felt he looked a little melancholy and depressed. After taking a careful look at him, she quietly looked away. But she couldn’t help but peer at him from the corner of her eye.

“What’s the matter?” Ethan saw right through her. He looked up at her and rested his elbow on the car window.

Janet watched his movements. His fingers were so elegant and beautiful, as if they were carefully carved by an artist.

But the rest of him looked quite rough. After getting along with him for a long time, Janet slowly uncovered a lot of strange things about him.

He turned out to be quite meticulous in whatever he did. He always took a shower before sleeping and when he woke up, and he always folded his clothes neatly. He liked to watch live football games without subtitles despite them being from different countries. It seemed that he could understand without difficulty. This made Janet suspect that he knew several foreign languages.

Clenching the hemline of her dress tightly, Janet looked at him earnestly and asked in a soft voice, “Can you tell me something about your mother?”


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