The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 123

About His Mother

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A silence fell over the car. Even the driver didn’t dare to make a sound.

Outside the car window, the trees swayed as the wind whistled through their branches, like a ghost singing in the night.

At Janet’s question, Ethan’s expression darkened.

“Well, if you don’t want to talk about it, just forget it. I’m sorry I brought it up,” Janet apologized immediately, sensing that she had said something wrong. “I was just curious. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

She turned around and focused on the scenery outside, watching the trees and scattered lights. Truth be told, she was a little disappointed.

She didn’t know what was with her tonight. Maybe all the booze from the party gave her the courage to ask Ethan something personal.

To her disappointment, she failed at the first try.

The wind blew in through the window. Suddenly, Janet felt a warm hand holding hers. She turned around to meet Ethan’s deep eyes. “Didn’t you want to know about my mother? You’re sitting so far from me. How could I tell you without shouting?”

Janet looked around and found that it was true. Her whole body was pressed against the window, as though she wanted to put as much distance between her and Ethan as possible.

Just as she was about to scoot over, the car came to a halt. They had arrived at their apartment.

“Already?” Janet muttered unhappily. Ethan hadn’t spilled any beans yet.

Seeing the disappointment in her eyes, Ethan got out of the car then helped her out.

He immediately shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Let’s take a walk.”

The man’s coat was oversized on her. Being enveloped by it, only Janet’s bright, clear eyes could be seen. She nodded eagerly, her shining eyes bobbing up and down.


Together, they walked to the benches in the small park near their apartment. Purple vines crept up the columns, looking especially enchanting.

“Come on, then. Tell me already!” Janet tugged at Ethan’s sleeve, her eyes full of curiosity. She looked like a little child asking for candy.

Ethan pursed his lips into a straight line, and his expression darkened again. But with a heavy sigh, he started to talk.

“My mother was born into a rich family, but her family’s financial situation plummeted fast later. She was never a mistress, like the rumors claimed. My father had forced her, which led to her pregnancy. At the time, she couldn’t fight against him, and he was the one who claimed she was just a mistress. Because her health was in bad shape, she couldn’t have an a******n. So she gave birth to me.”

Janet tilted her head to look at him. His tone was calm, but there was a frighteningly cold undertone.

Plus, Ethan omitted how his mother died. There must’ve been more to the story.

But she didn’t ask. She could tell that his mother held a special spot in his heart.

Yet in order to protect Janet earlier, Ethan had brought up the subject of his mother in front of all those people.

“I have to thank your mother, because you turned out to be a great man.” Janet smiled and wrapped her arms around his slim waist.

Her cheek was pressed against his chest. There was always a faint smell of mint on his body. She couldn’t help but bury her nose into his clothes, taking in his scent.

Ethan chuckled and rested his chin on her head. In a low, hoarse voice, he asked, “What’s gotten into you? Aren’t you afraid that I will eat you up?”

Janet’s heart skipped a beat. With a cunning look in her eyes, she raised her head and pressed her lips against his.


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