The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 126

It’s Time For Surgery

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The scorching sunshine filtered through the c******s. The faint smell of disinfectant wafted in the air.

It had been a few weeks since Janet came to see Hannah. She felt a little guilty about not being able to see her often. Ever since Janet started working, she had been dealing with unfortunate incidents that seemed to take all her time.

Hannah’s liver transplant surgery was scheduled for 10 o’clock today. Janet still had half an hour to talk with her.

“Don’t be nervous. You won’t feel any pain after they administer anesthesia.”

Janet smiled and combed Hannah’s gray hair.

Hannah gently patted Janet’s hand and smiled at her. “I have no fear, my little girl. I know you’re busy with work. You don’t have to wait here for me. The nurses in the hospital are very considerate. You need to stop worrying about me.”

Tears welled up in Janet’s eyes. She knew Hannah was in so much pain, yet the old woman was smiling to make sure Janet didn’t worry about her.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m not a child.” Janet couldn’t help but smile at her.

Hannah suddenly pouted and flicked her gaze to the door. “That young man has been waiting outside for a long time. Why don’t you let him in?”

Janet turned around and saw Ethan leaning against the railing in the corridor. His gaze occasionally flitted toward them to see if they were okay.

Janet hadn’t figured out how to introduce him yet.

“Nice to meet you.” Ethan walked into the ward with a polite smile. He had changed into a brown windbreaker today. The man looked handsome as if he had come straight out of a magazine photoshoot.

Janet had never seen Ethan in such clothes before. She was taken aback for a moment.

After a moment’s hesitation, she said, “This is Ethan. Well… You know about the marriage the Lind family had arranged for me.”

Hannah wasn’t aware of Janet’s secret. She only knew the Lind family had arranged a man for Janet and that she was already married.

Hannah’s face broke into an ecstatic smile as she examined Ethan’s face. “Wow, what a handsome young man!” She patted Janet’s hand. “He looks like a good, decent man. Janet, you are a lucky girl!”

Ethan smiled and glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s about time.”

Janet’s heart leaped to her throat when she saw the nurses wheeling Hannah into the operation theater. “She will be okay, right?” she asked in a tremulous voice.

“Yes, everything will be fine.” Ethan patted her back comfortingly.

It was a long procedure that lasted all afternoon.

Hannah had to stay in the hospital for at least three weeks for observation to see if her body had adapted to the new liver.

After the operation, Hannah had to rest on the bed as the doctors administered an IV drip. She needed someone to take care of her.

“I want to take a few days off and take care of Hannah. But I’m not sure if the company will agree.” Janet let out a weary sigh as she walked out of the doctor’s office.

“You should call them and explain your situation. I’m sure they’ll understand. After all, it’s a reasonable request,” Ethan suggested.

“But I have already taken many days off this month.” Janet’s shoulders slumped with dejection.

“How do you know if you don’t give it a try?” Ethan asked.

Janet sighed and called Tiffany.

“You want to ask for leave? No problem at all. How many days do you need? How about two weeks?” Tiffany asked in a serious tone. Janet was taken aback. She thought Tiffany was mocking her.

“No, no, no! Thank you so much.” Janet frantically shook her head. “Forget I called.”

“No, I’m serious. How many days do you need?” Tiffany asked. Brandon had called Tiffany earlier and spoken to her. Therefore, she didn’t dare to frighten Janet in any way. Tiffany didn’t know much about Janet, but she was shocked the CEO of the company had personally called her, instructing her to approve Janet’s leave.

“Well, two days. Is that okay?” Janet asked cautiously.

“Okay, okay. Sure. Your leave is approved.” Tiffany laughed.

Hannah recovered well after the operation. The doctors said she would be discharged real soon.

Janet had already taken several days off, so she had to return to work. However, she didn’t work overtime and came to the hospital as soon as she got off work to check on Hannah. During the day, she hired a nurse to take care of Hannah. Initially she was against the idea of a full-time nurse, because she couldn’t afford it. Ethan ended up paying part of the fee to make it happen.

Three weeks later, Janet packed the bags and helped Hannah out of the hospital.

“Hannah, would you like to live with me?”

“Oh, no. I’m old, and I’m used to living in the countryside. Take me back home. I won’t be comfortable living in big apartments here.” Hannah smiled happily. She was pleased to see that Janet led a better life here.

Janet had no choice but to grant Hannah’s wish. She called a taxi at the gate of the hospital and decided to drop Hannah back at her home in the countryside.

Janet looked out the window and saw them traverse a desolate path. At that moment, it dawned on her that the car was driving in the wrong direction.


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