The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 136

Cut All Ties

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“What?! Why would you want to do that?” Fiona blurted, stomping her foot anxiously. Although she hated Janet to her core, she never considered cutting ties with her.

After all, although Ethan was just an illegitimate child of the Lester family, it was still the fastest way for Fiona to forge a relationship with them. She had tirelessly wondered how to benefit from her adopted daughter‘s husband.

However, Fiona hadn’t even seen Ethan’s two brothers since he married Janet.

This whole time, she had been waiting for an opportunity to introduce Jocelyn to his brothers. That way, Jocelyn would have a chance to marry into the Lester family.

This was Fiona’s elaborate plan, which was why she was shocked that Janet wanted to sever their relationship.

“You hired someone to rape me. Do you really think I‘m an idiot and a pushover? Of course I want to cut all ties with you!” Janet was so angry that she laughed bitterly. Fiona narrowed her eyes at Janet, wondering if she could still take advantage of her despite the odds.

But Janet didn’t want to waste time here anymore. “If you disagree to my terms, I‘ll call the police. It’s as simple as that.”

Without waiting for a response, she turned around to leave.

Bernie stomped angrily and pointed at Fiona, nostrils flaring. “What the h**l were you thinking? Now that things have come to this, severing ties should be the least of your worries! Why in God‘s name are you hesitating?”

Fiona turned and whined in Bernie‘s ear, “We‘ve fed and clothed her for years. I can‘t just let her go like this!”

If they severed ties, Fiona would no longer be able to dangle Janet on a string, using the fact that their family had taken her in to guilt her.

Bernie‘s face contorted in anger. He had no idea that Fiona was so shameless.

“Then go to jail! I don‘t give a d**n, you hopeless woman!”

“Why, you—!” Fiona gritted her teeth and glared at Bernie angrily.

She was doing all of this for the sake of the Lind family after all. In this way, Jocelyn would find a good husband and that b***h Janet would never dare to talk to them like this ever again!

“Have you decided yet? If it‘ll help you choose faster, I‘ll call the police already.” Without waiting for a response, Janet picked up her phone and unlocked it.

“No! Don‘t you dare call the police!” Fiona tried to yank the phone out of Janet‘s hands, but Janet dodged her advance deftly.

She was so anxious that she nearly bit her lip until it bled. Now that she was cornered, she had no choice but to submit. She buried her face in her hands and slumped onto the sofa, crying pathetically, “Fine! We‘ll cut all ties! Satisfied now? What an ungrateful child!”

After putting her phone down, Janet looked at her pitiful figure, unfazed. “Then let‘s go and get it done officially now.”


They immediately went to the Department of Civil Affairs to finalize the formalities. When everything was settled and they were about to go their separate ways, Fiona cursed Janet under her breath. “We have painstakingly raised you for so many years. You are so heartless to cut ties with us.”

People passing by all looked in the direction where Janet was standing.

“Me? Heartless? Okay, I‘ll go to the police station now.” Janet shrugged indifferently. If they kept pushing her like this, she was more than capable of defending herself.

“You, you…!” Fiona’s nostrils flared uncontrollably. She was so angry that she pointed a finger at Janet in front of all the passers-by.

Bernie didn’t want Fiona to cause them any more trouble than she already had, so he hurriedly dragged her into the car.

Only when the car drove away did Janet finally relax. Her shoulders drooped, as though she had no strength left in her anymore.

“It‘s good that you‘ve finally gotten rid of them. Otherwise, the Lind family would keep on making things hard for you in the future,” Ethan commented nonchalantly, slipping his arm around her slender waist.

Janet turned to him and buried her face in his chest. She muttered, “I just don‘t understand why she always hates me. I never did anything to her!”

“It‘s not your fault, okay?” Ethan rested his chin on the woman‘s forehead, and stroking her back gently. Their shadows overlapped on the ground.


Time stopped for no one, and life went on.

The following day, when Janet got to the office, she ran into Tiffany.

“Why did you ask for another leave yesterday?” Tiffany asked calmly, but her eyes looked at Janet sharply.

Janet shifted uncomfortably under her intense gaze. “I‘m sorry. There was something I had to deal with at home.”

Tiffany pursed her red lips. “No need to be so nervous, Lind. I‘m not going to bite you. You didn‘t make it to yesterday‘s meeting so I just came to catch you up to speed. The design department will select a new batch of designers for promotion, and there are only three vacancies.”


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