The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 141

Good Luck

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It wasn’t working hours yet, and most employees had just arrived at the company. Therefore, the power failure only caused a commotion but didn‘t affect their work in any way.

“Contact the staff downstairs, and ask them to check the circuit.”

“Oh, thank God, I didn‘t start my work. Otherwise, my designs would have been gone.”

A moment later, the employees were asked to take the day off because of the power failure. The entire building had no power supply.

Tiffany walked out of her office and clapped her hands to get the attention of the people who had just come to work, looking around with confusion. “We have just called the maintenance personnel to fix the problem. They said it would take a day to repair, so you all can go home. And considering the unexpected power outage, we are extending the deadline of the project. You can submit your design drafts tomorrow morning. The meeting will also be scheduled tomorrow.”

All the employees clapped and cheered.

“Great! Then, I can go on a date with my boyfriend today!”

“Much needed day off! I need to go back home and sleep well. I have been working overtime for the past few days, and I am exhausted.”

Everyone happily packed their things, ready to go back home.

Gerda nudged Janet‘s arm excitedly, “Hey, Lind, you are so lucky! You will have time to redo the design since we’re allowed to submit the drafts tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I‘ll go home and start working on it right away.” Janet grabbed her bag, grinning happily.

She couldn‘t believe her luck. It was a great opportunity to prove herself.

Gerda had heard a little about what happened between Janet and Kaya yesterday. Although she was not at the scene, her colleagues were gossiping about it all morning. It seemed like a serious problem, after all.

“One day is enough. Don‘t exhaust yourself. By the way, Kaya has done the same thing in the past as well. Last year, during the evaluation process of intermediate designers, one of our colleagues encountered a similar situation. Kaya had damaged her work as well. Fortunately, that girl had a backup. So kaya didn‘t succeed.”

Janet cast a scornful glance at Kaya.

It turned out the woman was a repeat offender.

All employees were happy except for Kaya. She stood there dumbfounded as if struck by a lightning.

Kaya was stunned. She gritted her teeth and ran to Tiffany. “Didn‘t you say that today was the last day to submit the design? How could you suddenly extend the deadline? It‘s unfair!”

Kaya grew impatient as she saw all the employees happily leave the company. After all the power outage had ruined her plans.

Kaya had deliberately damaged Janet‘s laptop. She thought even buying a new laptop for the company would be worth the effort if she could defeat Janet and get a promotion.

One day was enough for Janet to redo her work, and she couldn‘t let that happen.

“Our superiors have asked us to take the day off,” Tiffany said calmly. “There is a problem with the circuit. We can‘t do anything about it. The entire company is out of power. How will they submit the drafts, and how will we check them without even one computer that works?”

“Can‘t you just ask the maintenance personnel to speed things up a little?” Kaya insisted. She couldn‘t give Janet so much time. Otherwise, she wasn’t sure she could get this promotion.


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