The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 145

Run Into Brandon

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The alarm clock blared on the bedside table. Janet rolled on the bed and stretched before opening her eyes.

A wide grin stretched across her lips. She was in a good mood today.

Ethan was eating a sandwich as he looked at his phone nonchalantly. When she opened the door, he looked up and smiled. “You finally woke up.”

“Hmm.” Janet rubbed her eyes and yawned. After freshening up in the bathroom, she picked up a piece of bread and turned to leave. “I‘m going to the company now.”

Ethan put on his jacket and followed her. He patted her shoulder and ushered her out. “I‘ll walk you out.”

Janet looked up at him. Seeing his handsome face, she lowered her head and smiled. As soon as she arrived at the company, Janet saw Gerda finishing her sandwich in a hurry.

“The meeting is about to begin. Gosh, I‘m going to be late.”

“Don‘t we have ten more minutes left?” Janet smiled and walked to Tiffany’s office. Then, she submitted all the designs she had finished last night.

“I didn‘t expect you to be so fast,” Tiffany teased.

The meeting commenced at ten in the morning, as per schedule.

All the designs submitted were piled up on Tiffany‘s table.

“Well, I checked all the designs you guys have submitted. Everyone has made great progress.” Tiffany was wearing a red slip dress. Her gaze became sharp as she looked at the designers in the conference room. “Well, during the process, something unpleasant has happened. I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again: our Larson Group only encourages healthy competition. If you want to defeat your fellow designers, resort to your strength and skills. We don‘t entertain people who play d***y tricks.”

Many designers who had worked overtime that evening had seen that Janet‘s laptop was splashed with coffee.

And those who weren’t present during the scene had heard it from their colleagues. All in all, everyone present knew who Tiffany was talking about. They all unanimously turned in the same direction.

Kaya clenched her fingers and lowered her head. Her face flushed with embarrassment and rage.

After the meeting, everyone began to gossip about the incident in private.

“Kaya is doomed this time. She has left such a bad impression on Tiffany. Her future here seems bleak.”

“That‘s right. Now that Janet has submitted her designs on time, there is absolutely no hope for Kaya to win the competition. I‘m curious to find out what she‘s going to do next.”

Kaya was exasperated. She deliberately bumped against Janet as she stormed out of the room.

Janet didn’t want to waste her time arguing with the woman, so she returned to her desk and continued with her work.

“Has the company given you a new laptop?” Gerda craned her head and eyed Janet with curiosity. “Wow, it looks like an expensive one. I envy you.”

“It‘s because my previous laptop was splashed with coffee. There‘s nothing to be envious of. I lost all the information I had on my old laptop. It may take forever to restore the data today.” Janet sighed as she propped her chin in the palm of her hand. Janet didn‘t leave until midnight. All her colleagues had left by then.

The bright streetlights dotted the beautiful city at night. From the Larson Group building, Janet had a clear view of the entire city.

She walked into the elevator, staring at her phone and checking new messages. As the door closed, Janet realized a man was also inside with his back to her.

Her eyes widened when she looked at him.

The man had an eerie resemblance to Ethan.

Janet rubbed her eyes. She felt she was confused after working hard all day.

The man was wearing an expensive suit. ‘Why would Ethan come here in an expensive suit?‘ she thought.

‘It‘s probably Brandon. He looks a lot like Ethan.‘

Janet squinted her eyes. But unfortunately, she couldn‘t see his face from behind.


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