The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 147

Trapped In The Elevator

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“What happened? Why did the elevator stop?” Janet anxiously shouted.

The elevator had come to a jerky halt just as she thought she could escape soon.

Janet was not in the mood to care about Brandon anymore. She reached out to touch the buttons of the elevator. Just then, she accidentally touched a slender hand.

“Sorry,” she heard Brandon’s resonant voice.

It looked like their hands had collided as the two had reached out to press the buttons.

“It doesn’t matter. I… I just wanted to press the emergency button.” Frightened, Janet withdrew her hand.

She could feel Brandon’s breath blowing against her. She guessed Brandon was standing right behind her.

After a moment’s pause, Brandon said, “I guess something has been wrong with the circuit ever since the power went off yesterday.”

Then, he pressed all the buttons, including the emergency button. But there was no response.

“What should we do now? Should we call someone?”

Janet looked at her phone and was about to call for help but stopped on second thought. She thought maybe Brandon could be the one to make the call. After all, he was the CEO of the Larson Group. Since he was trapped in the elevator, the staff would take it more seriously and come to their rescue immediately.

“Hmm.” Ethan turned around, took out his phone, and called someone for help. He briefed the situation and hung up the phone

“Don’t worry. The maintenance personnel said they would arrive soon.”

Janet shrank in a comer and hugged her bag. “Okay.”

Sensing the dread in her voice, Ethan comforted her, “Don’t worry. The elevator has a vent up there, so there is no risk of running out of fresh air. Just wait patiently for a while.”

Janet nodded. Her fear had subsided after she heard him talk over the phone.

After all, the CEO of the Larson Group was trapped with her. The company would act immediately and make sure nothing happened to him. Therefore, she would also be rescued along with him.

But the sudden darkness suffocated her. When Janet was a child, Fiona despised her. Every time Jocelyn bullied her to tears, Fiona would lock her in a dark cabinet. Janet wasn’t claustrophobic, but the darkness seemed to bring back bitter memories of the past.

The two remained in the dark elevator, none of them spoke. The silence made Janet uncomfortable.

“How about I turn on the flashlight of my phone? It’s too dark here.” Just as Janet was about to turn the light on, she felt a strong grip on her wrist.

“Don’t waste your phone’s power.”

Ethan couldn’t let her turn on the flashlight. Otherwise, she would see his face and find out his secret. He didn’t know how to explain himself if Janet found out now that Brandon Larson was actually Ethan Lester.

Ethan knew Janet was a sensitive person. He wasn’t sure if she would be mad at him for concealing his true identity.

Besides, his two brothers had already taken action. If they followed the clues and found that he was Brandon, it would cause an earth-shattering storm.

Ethan felt it would be better if Janet didn’t know his true identity for now.

Sensing something was wrong, Janet said, “Well, since people are coming to rescue us, I think we will be out soon. Besides, you’re the CEO of this company, Mr. Larson. I’m sure they’ll come and rescue you soon.”

‘Well, the battery in both our phones put together would last for a few hours. Won’t we be out by then?’ she thought.


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