The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 148


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“Just in case,” he said indifferently.

Ethan had to say something to dispel her doubts.

He stood in the darkness, staring at Janet’s silhouette.

Ethan wished he didn’t have to conceal his identity. He wanted to walk to Janet and hug her.

Kissing her in a dark elevator would be thrilling. All his senses would be amplified, making it all the more pleasurable.

“Okay.” Janet sighed.

Her doubts and worries vanished in an instant. She reasoned the CEO was a cautious man. Since her boss had asked her not to waste the battery, she decided to humor him instead of arguing.

The two continued to stand silently in the darkness.

Janet wanted to take out her phone and call Ethan.

However, Brandon was standing night beside her, and he wasn’t using his phone. As an employee, it would be inappropriate to ignore her boss’s order and fidget with her phone.

Janet decided not to use her phone now and explain the situation to Ethan once she got home.

Silence pervaded the elevator except for the rhythmic breathing of the two people, The awkwardness made Janet uncomfortable.

Unable to hold it any longer, she quietly looked at the tall figure and asked, “Mr. Larson, do you usually work this late?”

“It depends.”

“I haven’t had the chance to meet you before. You have been taking good care of me ever since I started working for your company. Thank you for everything.”

“You’re welcome.”

“By the way, why did you take the common elevator?” Janet’s face flamed with embarrassment. She felt like a chatterbox.

“My private elevator isn’t working.”

The man’s terse response made Janet wonder if he didn’t want to talk to her.

Janet wracked her brains to think of a topic to keep the conversation going. Since Brandon sounded like he didn’t want to talk to her, Janet reckoned she had to hold her tongue.

She had learned to cope with his erratic moods and behaviors. Brandon didn’t seem aloof when they chatted online. He spoke to her normally, and the two seemed to get along well with each other.

Janet couldn’t help but wonder if all the CEOs were unpredictable like him.

Ethan didn’t know what Janet was thinking. His throat hurt as he altered his voice every time he spoke to her. Besides, he didn’t want to talk and garner Janet’s suspicion. It would only lead to unnecessary problems. Therefore, he tried to remain silent.

Just then, there was a commotion outside the elevator.

Ethan’s phone vibrated as someone called him.

“Mr. Larson, our rescue team has arrived and is trying to open the elevator. But the elevator is stuck between two floors, so it’s taking longer than expected. Please give us some time. We’ll get you out, Mr. Larson. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Okay, hurry up.”

Janet stole a glance at Brandon. The elevator was pin-drop silent, so she could hear the muffled voice of the man from the other end of the line.

She felt that Brandon was not a friendly boss. Everyone who spoke to him seemed to tremble with fear and respect.


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