The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 149

The Familiar Feeling

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A few minutes later, a loud noise sounded from outside the elevator.

Faint voices in a heated discussion could be heard.

“Mr. Larson? We’re going to force the elevator door open. Please take a few steps back and make sure no one’s near the door.”

Someone’s voice came from outside the elevator. Brandon replied to acknowledge him and obediently retreated to a corner. More chaos ensued outside, as though the maintenance personnel were prying the elevator door open with some tools.

Some time passed, but there seemed to be no progress.

Just then, the elevator shook violently.

“Ah!” Janet shrieked, her heart dropping to her stomach. The elevator’s sudden movement made her lose her balance.

Just as she felt as though she was going to hit the ground, a powerful pair of arms caught her in the darkness.

With a low grunt, Brandon pulled her up and held her close. Janet’s back was pressed against the wall, while Brandon’s body was pressed against hers.

He lowered his head until his lips brushed against her ear. Janet could feel his breath sweeping across her b**e skin.

Despite him saving her, Brandon’s act made Janet even more anxious than the shaking of the elevator. She immediately tried to shake him off. “Mr. Larson, please let go of me. I can stand on my own feet.”

She was so panic-stricken that she tried to push Brandon away, but then the elevator shook even more violently all of a sudden.

“Don’t move!” Brandon barked, grabbing her shoulder forcefully.

His low voice was strong yet steady, and it had the power to snap people back to their senses.

Janet managed to calm down somewhat, at least enough to gather her bearings. She was still very nervous, and her heart pounded against her chest uncontrollably.

She just hated being touched by men.

Ethan was an exception. He always had a mature and reliable temperament, which made Janet feel an inexplicable sense of security. He also had a strong aura and anyone in front of him would seem weaker.

But now that she thought about it, Brandon also made her feel this way. Even though she couldn’t see his face, she could feel that the man before her was decent and reliable.

For some reason, he made Janet feel that she could put her trust in him.

In fact, Janet thought that it all felt a little familiar, as though it was Ethan standing in front of her.

She lowered herself and wrapped her arms around herself protectively, trying to keep some distance from Brandon.

The elevator shook for another ten seconds before it finally stopped.

Brandon held Janet so tight that she broke into a cold sweat. The fabric of her dress got wet, which made her very uncomfortable.

Finally, a ray of light pierced through the crack in the elevator door. The rescue workers finally pried the door open a centimeter. Raising her head, Janet asked in a low voice, “Can you let go of me now?”

“Oh, right. I’m sorry.” Brandon’s tone was a little stiff. He immediately let go of Janet and took two steps back to put a safe distance between them.

Simultaneously, on high alert, Janet retreated to the farthest corner of the elevator. Leaning against the opposite side of the elevator, Brandon sighed silently. He rubbed his eyebrows and squinted Janet in the darkness. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just… wanted to make sure you were safe.”


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