The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 151

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It was already half past one when Janet got home that evening.

Quiet as a mouse, she opened the door and crept inside. Only the sound of the clock ticking on the wall could be heard.

Janet flicked on the light switch. To her surprise, the sandwich from breakfast was still sitting on the table where she left it, and there was not a beer bottle in sight. She walked into the living room in her slippers and looked around in confusion, “Ethan?”

It was so late, but Ethan seemed to not have come back yet.

Or was he asleep in his room?

Janet had half a mind to knock on his bedroom door, but decided against it on second thought. She was afraid she’d just wake him up. In the end, she quietly opened his door and poked her head in.

To her surprise, the room was empty.

With a slight frown, Janet decided to wait for Ethan to come back. She wasn’t sleepy anyway.

After everything that had happened, she was wide awake.

She popped the sandwich in the microwave to heat it up. She settled on the sofa and watched TV while eating. All the while, she kept thinking of what had happened in the elevator.

About twenty minutes later, she heard the sound of the key unlocking the door.

Ethan stepped inside wearing a simple, clean white T-shirt underneath a black windbreaker. His prominent nose stuck out more than usual, making him look even more handsome.

Chewing on her sandwich, Janet looked up at him questioningly. “Why’re you so late?” “Night shift. A colleague was late, so I covered his shift for another half an hour,” Ethan explained briefly.

As he spoke, he realized he was getting more and more skillful at lying.

“Oh, do you have night shifts often? I didn’t know you could stay up this late all the time,” Janet said, after thinking about it for a while.

Ethan shrugged off his coat and sat next to her. “What are you eating? It smells so good.”

He craned his neck to get a bite of her sandwich, then he put his arm around her shoulder and pinched it: Raising his eyebrows slightly, he smiled. “You always stay up late. Why are you getting so worked up about me staying up late?”

Unable to retort, Janet kept silent and looked down, feeling a bit sheepish. He was right. She worked overtime a lot and was often late to go home.

“By the way, something happened today,” she suddenly said, looking up at him with bright eyes.

Then she relayed what had happened in the elevator with Brandon.

On the one hand, she thought it was her responsibility to inform Ethan about this. On the other, she was curious to see how he would react to this.

She was under the impression that Ethan was very tolerant of her boss despite his behavior. So since Brandon had crossed the line today, she wondered if Ethan would finally get angry. Otherwise, he was a really abnormal man.

And Janet wouldn’t be pleased if that was the case.

Ethan rubbed his eyebrows, his thin lips pursed into a straight line.

When he heard how Janet had screamed in the elevator, he tossed logic out of the window and just rushed to hug her protectively. In a situation as dangerous as that, if the elevator plunged to the ground, he still wanted to protect her.

But he was Brandon at that time, so it was definitely inappropriate for him to do such a thing.

Ethan could feel Janet’s eyes boring into him. She was obviously waiting for him to react.

Last time, he didn’t show jealousy towards Brandon, which made Janet unhappy. If he was still indifferent to the matter this time, Janet would definitely break up with him.-..