The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 157

The Angry Ethan

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Christopher’s heart raced in his chest as he leaned closer to Janet.

“Ethan…” Janet mumbled softly, shattering all the intimacy into pieces.

The light in Christopher’s eyes dimmed in an instant. He immediately stopped and sat upright as the corners of his mouth twitched. The light outside the window fell on his face, outlining his features. He looked hurt.

He restrained his emotions and lifted the coat on her shoulders. “It’s all right. Go to sleep.”

He turned his head and looked out of the window.

The Korean restaurant they had dinner in the evening was quite far from Janet’s home. When they arrived, it was already past midnight. The moon hung among the foamy clouds, casting a silver light on the land.

Janet was drunk; she had no idea what she was doing. Her arms dangled out of her coat as she waved her hands. Her loose shirt, unbuttoned on the top, slid to her shoulders, revealing her cleavage and collar bones. “Hmm, it’s uncomfortable here. My back hurts a lot.”

“Hey, Janet, don’t move. You’re home.” Christopher’s mouth became dry. He hurriedly lifted the coat and wrapped it around Janet, revealing nothing but her flushed face.

“Well, hurry up and carry me upstairs. I’m so sleepy.” Janet leaned back and slumped onto the back seat of the taxi as soon as Christopher got out.

Christopher wanted to drag her out of the taxi, but Janet didn’t seem to cooperate with him, so he bent forward and lifted her off the car.

Just as he was about to put her down, a strong force pulled Janet from his arms.

“What the h**l?” Christopher looked up and saw a strong figure standing in front of him.

The dim light on the street cast long shadows, making Ethan look like a towering mountain that seemed to even block the dazzling moon.

“You were holding her with such ferocity!” Ethan sneered. His droopy eyes turned m*******s as he looked at Christopher. Then, he turned to look at the woman in his arms. A frown lined his forehead, and his jaw tightened.

“You’ve misunderstood me. I’m here to drop Janet,” Christopher hurriedly explained.

Ethan ignored him and gently put Janet down and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, forcing her to stand steadily. Seeing that her wobbly feet didn’t support her, he held her shoulder tightly to offer more support. “Don’t you know how to walk? Why are you asking others to carry you?” he chided her.

“Ouch!” Janet yelped in pain as she felt someone was crushing her shoulder. The pain made her sober up a little.

When she opened her blurry eyes, her gaze fell on Ethan, who was a picture of pure rage. His sharp eyes were like bullets waiting to pierce through her. Janet trembled with fright.

“Are you awake?” Ethan sneered and fixed her clothes. “Can you stand on your own now?”

His venomous words and the anger in his eyes seemed to sober Janet up. She nodded and stood beside Ethan, trying to balance her weight.

Christopher took a deep breath. “Mr. Lester, don’t get me wrong. Janet got drunk during dinner. I wanted to safely drop her home. Nothing happened,” he explained to prevent any misunderstanding.

Ethan’s towering presence made Christopher look insignificant. His explanation only seemed to worsen things.

“Only guilty people feel the need to explain, Mr. Garrison.” Ethan looked cold and indifferent. His one arm was wrapped around Janet, who was swaying around like a puppet dangling from the rope. “I’ll deal with you later.”

With that, he took Janet away.


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