The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 158

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just as Janet walked forward, Ethan grabbed her waist and threw her on his shoulder. “Ethan!” Janet’s eyes sprang open in horror. She screamed and hit his back, but the man continued to walk forward.

With a stone-cold face, Ethan didn’t say a word on the way. When he walked out of the elevator, he took out the key. opened the door, and threw Janet on the sofa.

“Can you please let me explain?” Janet asked, her voice breaking almost as if she was about to cry. Her head began to spin, so she sank on the sofa. Janet struggled to sit up, but her stomach churned; she wanted to throw up.

“Fine. Explain!” Ethan leaned forward and rested his hands on either side of the sofa as he stared into her eyes.

Janet hugged her knees and looked out the window to avoid his sharp gaze.

Ethan grasped her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“I got a promotion and salary hike. Christopher gave me a gift to congratulate me, so I invited him for dinner. I drank too much during dinner. I had no idea he had dropped me home. Nothing happened between us.” Tears rolled down Janet’s cheeks and dropped on Ethan’s knuckles.

He looked like a fierce beast that was about to s*****w Janet alive.

“Is that all? Why didn’t you tell me that you invited him when we were talking over the phone? Did you lie to me?”

Ethan sounded calm, but Janet could sense his coldness.

“Well, he gave me the gift only after I spoke to you. I invited him as a way of thanking him for the gift — it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I forgot to tell you about it,” Janet argued weakly.

“You were so drunk.” Ethan sneered. “How do you know that he didn’t do anything to you in the car?”

Janet was so scared that she didn’t dare to retort. Her shoulders trembled as fresh tears filled her eyes.

“You have low alcohol tolerance. Why did you drink so much?” Ethan drew a tissue from the table and wiped her tears.

A shiver ran down Janet’s spine despite the gentleness in his voice.

The lights in the room were off, so half his face was hidden in the darkness.

“Well, I was happy. It was fun to be around all my friends, and I was having a good time, so I just drank without thinking much.” Janet curled up and hugged her knees. She wished she could hide from the man’s intense gaze.

Ethan withdrew his hand. Two red fingerprints were etched on her cheek. Janet had soft, tender skin — even a slight pinch would leave marks on her flawless cheek.

“I called you so many times, but you didn’t answer. Are you deaf?” Ethan stood up, took out her phone, and threw it beside her.

Janet frowned and saw a series of missed calls from Ethan.

“I was drunk, and my phone was muted. I didn’t notice it. It wasn’t my fault,” Janet explained, desperately trying to convince him. Her pitiful voice was in stark contrast with his harsh tone.

“Do you think I’m a fool? You haven’t checked your phone for six hours. Are you going to say you didn’t even once look at your phone after you left work?” Ethan’s eyes narrowed. Bile rose in his throat as the image of Christopher holding Janet in his arms flashed in his mind.

“F**k!” he cursed and pressed Janet against the sofa. Then, he grabbed her dress to tear it apart.