The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 165


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Ethan was a rugged man. However, he was kind and gentle toward Janet.

“I know you were furious last night because…because you cared about me…” Staring into his beautiful deep-set eyes made Janet dizzy.

Being with the man always made her breathless. She couldn’t form a coherent thought in her mind. Ethan’s touches and soft kisses took her to another world almost as if the man had cast a spell on her.

Janet craned her neck, and her eyes fluttered close as Ethan’s hot breath blew against her skin.

“Of course. If not you, who else do I have to care about?” Ethan stared at her loose shirt and planted a soft kiss on her neck again. “What skincare product do you use? God, you smell divine.”

“Be serious. We are talking about what happened yesterday!” Janet wanted to push him away because his kisses drove her crazy.

Janet was no longer stubborn, for she understood Ethan’s concern. “I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. From now on, I’ll check my phone often and won’t get drunk when I go out with friends,” she promised in a low voice.

Ethan clicked his tongue and shook his head. “Is this all you want to say after thinking all this while?” His face darkened as he looked into her eyes.

Realization crossed Janet’s face. She closed her eyes and nodded. “And I’ll try my best to avoid having dinner with Christopher again. We are a couple. I would never cheat on you, Ethan. In fact, Chris is actually a good man. He had a good reputation in college.”

Ethan scoffed at the comment.

He pulled Janet closer and gently n****d her collarbone. “That’s because you are too naive. Christopher is only pretending to be kind and gentle. You haven’t seen his true color yet. Never mind. Stay away from him! Don’t let this happen again.”

Ethan knew everything about the Garrison family. They all had impressive careers and good reputations — some of them were doctors and lawyers. However, only a few people were aware of their secret business. Ethan would never trust a man from that family.

Janet didn’t knew this, and obviously wouldn’t change her mind about Christopher just because Ethan didn’t like him.

But she couldn’t argue with Ethan now. After all, Janet had no idea what the man would do if he got mad again.

“Okay. Let go of me. I have to check the bedroom door. The man just broke it now.” Janet immediately strutted to her room. The lock had been pried out. She tried closing the door from inside but couldn’t. A gust of wind from outside blew the door open again.

“The lock is broken! We can call a locksmith only tomorrow.” Ethan glanced at the clock on the wall.

“All right. Then, let’s do it the first thing in the morning.” Janet’s shoulders slumped as she realized it was past midnight.

She glanced at Ethan and pulled the door frame. “It’s late. We better get some sleep first.”

Ethan touched his nose. He wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. Finally, he nodded and returned to his room.

It was a windy night. The autumn air was hot and humid.

The door creaked as it swayed with the wind. Janet got out of the bed and closed the window but couldn’t fall asleep. The whooshing of the wind frightened her.

She tossed and turned on the bed and buried her face in the quilt. Janet felt restless. Somehow, all her thoughts returned to the frightening episode with the man who had knocked on her door earlier, and the driver who came onto her in the cornfield. Both the incidents had scarred her for life. The repeated encounter with assaulters made her feel unsafe.

Janet broke into a cold sweat as a wave of dread engulfed her.

“Ethan…” She wrapped herself in the quilt and stared at the door, Ethan was the only one who could make her feel safe, and Janet had a sudden urge to be with him.


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