The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 167

Return To The Countryside

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Janet woke up to the sound of the alarm. Ethan stretched himself and rubbed his eyes.

It was bright outside, and the howling wind from the previous night had blown the leaves from the trees, scattering them to the ground.

Janet glanced at Ethan and remembered what had happened last night.

She had heard what Ethan asked her last night. Janet had pretended to be asleep to buy time from answering his question. She felt an inexplicable void and unease in her heart, so she couldn’t give him an answer now. But to her utter surprise, she had really fallen asleep.

“Why don’t you sleep longer? It’s Sunday.” Ethan turned over and wrapped his arms around her. The sunlight seemed to sharpen his chiseled features. But despite that, Ethan looked gentle. He pulled Janet closer to him.

“Today is Sunday? Oh, Gosh. I almost forgot. I can’t sleep. I have something important to do.” Janet wriggled out of his hold and avoided meeting his eyes. Her face flushed with embarrassment, and she ran into the bathroom.

“What’s the matter?” Ethan followed her. His jet black hair was sticking on end. His messy hair and the sleep lines on his face somehow made him look more handsome. Janet averted her gaze. “I’m planning to visit Hannah. I haven’t seen her after she got discharged from the hospital.”

“All right. Let’s go together. I’m free today.” Ethan squeezed the toothpaste onto the brush and handed it to her.

Hannah lived in the countryside.

The village was surrounded by mountains. They had to traverse the bumpy terrains to reach her house.

Ethan got out of the bus and walked behind Janet with bags of fruits and health drinks.

Janet led the way. After they turned a corner, she smiled and pointed at an old house.

“That’s her house. We arrived on time. Hannah is probably making lunch. I could give her a hand.”

Ethan looked at the small tile-roofed house in the distance — it was simpler than he had thought. However, there was a small yard outside with a giant osmanthus tree that had begun to bloom. He could see clusters of pale yellow flowers from afar. The sweet scent of flowers wafted in the air, making the yard look like a paradise on earth.

“I used to sit under that Osmanthus tree and do my homework. The flowers have just started to bloom. We should come back in two weeks and see when they’re in full blossom. When I was little, we didn’t have much money. Hannah would often make sweet treats for me using the flowers.” Janet smiled at the memory. Seeing Ethan stare at the tree with great interest, she wanted to share snippets of her childhood with him.

Janet’s bright smile made his heart stutter.

Ethan was never fond of the countryside. He had lived there with his mother before. However, the memories of the impoverished place only depressed him.

The two chatted as they walked to the small yard.

Janet smiled and pulled the gate open. “Hannah, I’m back!”

However, there was no response. Sounds of tableware shattering reverberated from the house, followed by Hannah’s cries.

“D**n it! You old b***h! You have signed the d**n document! Give me the money!”

“D**n it! If you don’t pay the money, I’ll take away your old, shabby house!”

“Break all her things! This is what happens if you fail to pay your dues!”


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