The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 168

Three Hundred Thousand Dollars’ Debt

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Hearing that, Janet rushed into the house and saw a group of burly men surrounding Hannah with bats or clubs in their hands. It looked like they had broken in while she was cooking.

“I don’t have so much money. Please try to understand.” Hannah scooted back beside the stove, still holding knife and vegetable scattered all over the ground. She looked terrified. Janet could only see Hannah’s grey hair and the side of her haggard face from where she was standing.

Hannah staggered backward, grabbed the knife tight with her shaking hands, and pointed it at herself. “If you keep forcing me, I will have to d*e!”

“Okay, we won’t force you, you old b***h.” A muscular man with a scar between his brows spat on the floor and glared at her. “Your neighbor told me that you have a granddaughter. She lives in the city, right? I heard she is pretty. We want to see her. I’m sure she will visit you if you have trouble, won’t she?”

With that, the man took out his mobile from his pocket and knocked the stove with a wooden club. “Hurry up! Call your granddaughter and ask her to pay your debt.”

Hannah’s face reddened with fear, and her wrinkles grew prominent. “I… I won’t.”

“D**n it! You won’t call her? Fine! Break this old b***h’s leg!” the strong man bellowed his orders. He put a cigarette in his mouth as the other men surrounded Hannah.

“I’m here. What’s going on?” asked a cold voice of a woman.

The men unanimously turned around and saw Janet’s pretty face and met her icy gaze. Janet walked over and stood in front of Hannah.

“We are here to collect debts. This old woman owes us three hundred thousand dollars.” The strong man glared down at Janet. His plump face looked fierce as his lips curled up in disdain.

Janet’s brows furrowed as she glanced at Hannah, who was staring at the floor. “What money? Why does Hannah owe you money?”

“Wow, Hannah. It looks like you haven’t told your family about your debt yet.” The man grinned, revealing his yellow teeth. “This woman here, she…”

“Shut up!” Hannah shouted, interrupting the man as she looked at Janet with guilty eyes. “What are you doing here, Janet? You better leave. This doesn’t concern you.”

“D**n it! Don’t you dare leave today!” The men surrounded Janet and stopped her.

“Hannah borrowed money from us to buy medicines and health care products. She owes three hundred thousand dollars to us. If she doesn’t have money, you better pay her debts for her.” The muscular man patted his hand with the club. His lips curled up as he looked at Janet. “Well, I accept repayments through s****l favors also. My friend owns a nightclub. Women like you are popular there.”

“Borrow money? Do you have any evidence? What kind of health care products would be that expensive?”

Janet frowned. She only had little money now and wouldn’t be able to afford even thirty thousand dollars, let alone three hundred thousand.

Janet felt helpless, but more than that, she was surprised to know that Hannah owed a huge sum. After all, she was a frugal woman who never spent money unless necessary. There was no way she would have spent three hundred thousand dollars on healthcare products.

“Give me the document!” the muscular man ordered his subordinate. The man immediately handed over a file. He glanced at the papers and threw the file on the floor. “See for yourself! Everything is clearly mentioned in the documents.”


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