The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 171

My Room Is Soundproof

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The two packed Hannah‘s belongings and took her to the city.

However, Hannah didn‘t like the idea. “I feel uncomfortable about moving into the city. You two are just married. I don‘t want to bother you. Moreover, you both have to go to work, and I‘m sure you‘ll come home exhausted. I don‘t want to be a burden to you. Moreover, I‘m not used to living in the city either. The high buildings and wide roads frighten me. I won‘t be able to chat with my friends in our village anymore.”

“I‘m not asking you to live with us forever. Stay here, in the city, so that we can avoid the debt collectors. I know you prefer living in the village, but it doesn‘t seem like a good idea now. We‘ll send you back once the problem is over,” Janet comforted her. Hannah sighed and nodded in agreement.

Once they returned to the apartment, Janet vacated her room and put her personal belongings in Ethan‘s room.

“Why are you moving your things? Are you two sleeping in separate rooms even after being married for so long?” Hannah grabbed Janet’s arm and eyed her with concern. “Is that man not treating you right? Did you two fight?”

Hannah squinted and looked at Ethan, who was busy cooking in the kitchen. Janet couldn‘t help but smile at her concern. “No, we are fine. I’ve been working overtime, so I come home late at night. I didn‘t want to disturb Ethan‘s sleep, so I chose to sleep in a separate room. Hannah, the long ride must have exhausted you. Do you want to take a nap in the bedroom?”

“That‘s good. I thought the handsome boy wasn’t treating you well.” Hannah smiled, and the wrinkles around her eyes deepened like they always did. “All right. Don‘t overwork yourself. Keep it simple. I‘m old, and I live a simple life.”

Janet took all her clothes to Ethan‘s bedroom so that Hannah could rest in her room.

Just then, Janet felt a tight grip around her. Ethan chuckled, and the two rolled on the bed.

Janet yelped in shock. “Why didn‘t you make a sound before coming inside? Stop it.

Hannah is still in the next room.”

“My room is soundproof. Let‘s give it a try,” Ethan mumbled, biting her collarbone. He pressed his body against hers. His loose black shirt slid down, revealing his collarbone. His chiseled jaw and the stubble made Janet weak in her knees.

The intensity of his gaze made Janet‘s hair stand on end. He tightened his grip, making it impossible for her to move. Janet whimpered under his hold.

“Not now, Ethan! Let go of me.” Janet was frightened. Ethan was aroused; it looked like he would pounce on her. It would be embarrassing if Hannah heard it. “Stop it! I need to discuss something important with you. We need to think about how to help Hannah.”

Hearing that, Ethan finally let go of her.

He kissed the corner of her lips, leaned back on the head of the bed, and thought for a while. “Well, Hannah‘s problem is quite complicated. I read the document she has signed. The papers seem legit enough, and we can‘t prove that Hannah was tricked or forced to sign the papers. Even if we go to court, I don‘t think we can win this case.”

“What do you mean? We can‘t pay the money. It‘s three hundred thousand dollars!” Janet sounded anxious.

She had just started working, so her income wouldn‘t cover the debt. And she didn‘t have much savings. Why else would she ask the Lind family to pay for Hannah‘s medical expenses? Arranging for three hundred thousand dollars was a nightmare. She didn‘t know what to do.

Ethan stared at the ceiling “Well,” he took a deep breath and said, “Since it‘s impossible to win this case, I think the only solution is destroying the fraud gang.”

“What? How is that possible? Neither of us has the power or means to do that. If we were that powerful, we wouldn‘t be worrying about arranging for the money in the first place.” Janet felt like they had hit the d**d end.

Ethan turned to look at her.

It was impossible for Ethan to solve such a problem, but Brandon could. It was a piece of cake for him.

He wanted to remind Janet but decided against it. If he mentioned Brandon first, it would only arouse her suspicion.

Ethan smiled and pinched her cheek. Seeing that Janet was still upset, he pulled her into his arms. “Don’t worry. I‘ll talk to my friends. Some of them are victims of fraudulent groups like these. I‘ll ask them for advice. You stop worrying about it.”


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