The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 175

Brandon’s Favor

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The woman behind Janet snickered at her and whispered to her friend while they all waited for the elevator.

“That’s really her. Where was she hiding all this while? Now that those people left, she has come out as if nothing had happened.”

“She was probably waiting for the security guards to drive those people away. I think she must have availed a loan and doesn’t want us to know about it,” the man beside her echoed.

Janet was in no mood to argue with them. She turned around and decided to take the stairs. She didn’t want to think about it and decided to concentrate on work.

When Janet finally reached her desk, no one bothered to talk to her. Gerda was usually a chatterbox who spoke nonstop. However, she seemed strangely silent today. Janet’s colleagues glanced at her and carried on with their work. They all seemed eerily calm, as if a storm were brewing to destroy her life.

Janet had been sensitive ever since she was a little girl. Sensing everyone’s strange attitude, she took a deep breath and sat down to draw.

Time passed in a blur, and it was noon.

Just then, Janet’s phone chimed with Brandon’s message that seemed like an alarm bell, reminding Janet of what she had been trying to forget all day.

“I heard today’s incident has something to do with you.” Janet’s heart leaped to her throat.

What could she possibly tell him? After all, she had become the talk of the office yet again.

Janet bit her lip and hesitated for a long time.

A few minutes later, her phone chimed again.

“Answer me!” Janet could sense Brandon’s anger in the message.

“Yes, Mr. Larson. I apologize for all the trouble. A group of fraudsters has deceived an elder from my family into signing up for a loan. I’ve been dealing with the issue. I’ll try not to cause any trouble to the company,” Janet replied, hoping that Brandon would understand her situation.

All capitalists focused on their interests first. She only prayed for Brandon to show mercy and forgive her.

However, this time, Brandon didn’t reply quickly like he usually did.

Janet nervously checked her phone for new messages. Every minute seemed like an hour — it was sheer torture.

After five minutes, her head began to spin.

Fortunately, she didn’t rush to ask Brandon for help.

She had thought of explaining her situation to Brandon to find out if he might help her. After all, he could effortlessly solve the problem.

However, Janet felt ashamed to ask him for help.

After all, she didn’t know Brandon well. He was neither a relative nor a friend. She didn’t even know what he looked like.

He was her boss and wasn’t obligated to help her.

Janet’s torture finally ended when she got another message from Brandon. “Don’t overthink about it. Focus on your work. Our company will handle this issue.”

‘What does he mean? Is he going to help me solve the problem?’

Janet couldn’t believe her eyes. She read and re-read the messages over and over again.

She couldn’t understand why Brandon wanted to help her again.

No boss would ever be this kind to an employee. Brandon was a businessman. Janet thought he would put the interest of the company first over anyone. But he strangely seemed different from the others.

“Am I somehow related to Brandon? Is there a secret I’m yet to unravel?’

The idea seemed ridiculous.

‘But isn’t Brandon g*y? Why is he doing all this for me?”


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