The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 18

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Janet attended the second round of the interview on the date the Larson Group had assigned and successfully passed it.

At the end of the month, she received an offer.

The Larson Group had two separate buildings in the city. The design department was on the seventeenth floor of the first building. It housed a talented team of designers who possessed exceptional skills and experience. All the designers had graduated from well-reputed universities with flying colors.

Janet believed the Larson Group would be the ideal place to start her career.

Before going upstairs, Janet went to a convenience store near the company to buy coffee.

“Miss, your change is on the floor.” Someone nudged her shoulder from behind.

“Oh, thank you.” Janet turned around, took the money from the man, and put it into her bag.

“You’re welcome.”

The voice sounded familiar. Janet looked up and met the man’s gaze. Her eyes widened in astonishment. “Chris?”

“What a coincidence!” The man looked equally surprised.

He had black hair and brown eyes that twinkled with glee. He was wearing a navy blue shirt and suit pants. A laptop bag was casually slung on his shoulder. Although he didn’t seem handsome and eye-catching at first glance, he was tall and graceful.

Janet never thought that she would meet Christopher Garrison — her senior from college who had a deep crush on her — here, in a convenient store like this. They had never met after she graduated from college.

Janet was not interested in a relationship back then, so she politely refused Christopher’s advances. The two parted ways in harmony, so she didn’t feel embarrassed to meet him now.

“Do you also work in the Larson Group?” Holding a cup of coffee in her hand, Janet walked out of the convenience store and looked at Christopher’s ID card hanging around his neck.

No wonder Elaine was so hostile to her. It turned out that Christopher also worked here.

“Yes, I worked as an intern in the Larson Group when I was in college, so I joined the company right after graduation. You work in the design department?” Christopher asked, smiling.

“Yes. It’s my first day at work.”

The two chatted along the way. Apparently, Christopher worked in a different department and held a higher position in the company.

She wondered if Christopher had stood up for her when Elaine rejected her application.

The Garrison family was also a wealthy and powerful family. When they were in college, the information about all wealthy students was printed on the university forum, and Christopher was one among them.

That was perhaps why the company listened to him and gave her another chance.

“Thank you, Chris.” Janet smiled gratefully.

Thinking that she was thanking him for picking her coins, Christopher chuckled. “It’s not a big deal. Why do you always feel grateful even for a small favor?”

Janet smiled, revealing her dimples. “I just don’t want to owe favors to anyone.”

In the past, Janet had deliberately kept a distance from him at college after he proposed to her. A few years had already passed, and Christopher had just helped her, so Janet felt much closer to him than before.

Christopher smiled, hiding the joy in his eyes.

It had been several years since he last saw Janet. She was more beautiful and graceful than she was at school. Her eyes were bright like the stars, and her delicate features made him like her at a glance.

Christopher couldn’t deny that he had never forgotten her over the years.

But he didn’t take the initiative to ask her out right away. He had been very immature in college. That was perhaps why Janet had rejected him. He couldn’t stand another rejection. Now that they worked in the same company, he felt he had the chance to win her heart.

“All right, let’s have dinner sometime so that you can return my favor, okay?”

“Okay. But I’m busy lately. How about next month?”

Janet wanted to wait until she got her salary. She had to cover Hannah’s medical expenses, so she couldn’t afford to spend money on casual dinners.

Christopher smiled. “No hurry. I’m free any time. How about I show you around the company?”

“Okay. Thank you, buddy.” The smile on her face vanished as she followed him into the elevator.

In the elevator stood another man who had a charming smile.

“We meet again, Miss Lind.” With a faint smile on his lips, Garrett glanced at Janet and Christopher.