The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 181


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Bernie looked dejected after hanging up the phone.

Judging from the phone calls and his expressions, Fiona understood the Lind family’s company was in trouble, just like last time.

“Bernie, what’s going on?” Fiona walked to him and held the handle of the carved sandalwood chair with a trembling hand.

Hearing that, Bernie glared at Fiona and slammed his fist on the wooden table beside him. “Did you do something again?” he growled. “They’re saying we have offended someone powerful. All the partnering companies have called me to terminate the collaboration with us.”

Fiona didn’t dare to tell the truth. Bernie’s attitude toward her had changed greatly ever since he found out that she had hired a criminal to rape Janet. He had become cold and distant. Fiona couldn’t tell him that she had hired people to harm Janet again.

“Why are you always blaming me when something bad happens? I’ve been staying at home all day long. I would never do anything reckless under your watch. Maybe you’ve offended someone during one of your business deals,” Fiona explained in an aggrieved voice. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the chair to hold back her fear and guilt.

Bernie believed Fiona’s words. He had been watching her closely so he believed she didn’t do anything reckless again.

However, little did he know that Fiona was more cunning and vindictive than he had imagined. She had ways to execute her plans right under his watch without garnering his suspicion.

“All right. I’ll apologize to the partners and find a way to deal with the issue.” Bernie was burning with rage. He picked up his coat on the chair and stood up to leave.

“Stay at home. Don’t make any trouble again.”

Fiona picked up her bag and followed him. “Bernie, I’ll come with you. How can I let you endure all the hardships yourself? We are a couple, and we’ll face it together,” she said, holding his arm.

The Lind family’s company was in a miserable position because all the partners had cut ties with them. Some of the factories had collapsed due to a lack of funds. Bernie and Fiona had been dealing with the chaotic situation for the past three days.

Bernie was exhausted. He was even debating on declaring bankruptcy. But the business was all they had now — it was an ancestral asset. He didn’t want the family business to collapse under his administration.

“Don’t worry. Our Lind family’s business stood for years. I’m sure we’ll make a comeback after the crisis ends,” Fiona comforted him.

Even she couldn’t figure out why all the companies had terminated the partnership with their company overnight.

‘Who on earth is behind all this?’

Fiona wondered. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the time to figure it out.

The day after the couple finally dealt with the problems of the Lind family’s company and returned home, the police came looking for Fiona

”Mrs. Lind, you’re the suspect of multiple crimes. We have received the evidence and are here to take you for investigation.”

“What’s going on, sir? I think it’s a misunderstanding. My wife wouldn’t commit a crime.” Bernie tried stopping the police.

However, his voice faltered. He regretted marrying Fiona at the moment. The woman was pure evil — she got into trouble and dragged him into the mess.

But Bernie couldn’t leave her alone. If Fiona got arrested, it would be a disgrace to the Lind family.

“Your wife is suspected of bribery, attempted m****r, illegal business transaction, and several other crimes. If you want to know further, we can discuss it in the station.” The policeman walked over and handcuffed Fiona who was staring at him with wide eyes.

A s the cold handcuffs touched her skin, Fiona began to scream and thrash. Her legs grew wobbly, and she could barely stand on her own. “No…l didn’t do anything, she mumbled as her head began to spin.

The past flashed before her eyes. She had taken advantage of the Lind family’s power and secretly indulged in illegal activities. Fiona had been hiding the secret all these years, and she almost forgot all about her tainted past.

The memories came gushing as the police mentioned the crimes one after the other. Fiona broke into a cold sweat. After all, she was in a deep mess now.


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