The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 182

The End Of The Lind Family

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“I’m innocent! I didn’t do any of it! Let go of me! Bernie, help me!” Fiona panicked. Her hairpin fell to the ground, leaving her hair in disarray as she struggled to break free from the handcuffs.

Two policemen had to hold Fiona in place as she continued to scream and thrash. “We have to take her away now.”

Bernie lowered his eyes and remained silent. He didn’t know how to defend Fiona.

Bernie was more shocked than anyone else when he learned what had happened. He had lost all trust in Fiona. The charges made him wonder if he had married a devil.

Bernie’s stomach churned with unease. He didn’t know whether he hated Fiona or not. “I have nothing to say,” he finally said, waving his hand.

“Bernie, let me explain! They are accusing me of a crime I didn’t commit. Think about all the things I have done for this family. I’m Jocelyn’s mother, for God’s sake!” Fiona shouted hysterically. Tears flowed through her thick foundation, leaving a black streak.

Just as the police were about to take Fiona away, a woman strutted into the house. Sounds of heels clicking on the floor reverberated across the room. The woman reeked of alcohol, smoke, and perfume.

“What did my mother do? Why are you arresting her?”

Jocelyn asked, switching her gaze between Fiona and the police. She had no clue about the problems the Lind family had been enduring.

The police ignored her and dragged Fiona into the car.

Confused, Jocelyn ran to Bernie, who had collapsed on the sofa. His face had turned pale. “Dad, what’s going on? Why have the police arrested Mom?”

Bernie stared into the distance as his heart sank with dejection. “That’s it,” he croaked. “This is the end of the Lind family.”

Just then, the wall clock blared loudly. Jocelyn’s heart trembled. It seemed like a warning from God, stating the day of reckoning had finally arrived.

Jocelyn sat down with Bernie and listened to the problems they had been facing for the past few days.

“What? How is that possible?” She felt as if her entire world had collapsed. She threw her bag down on the floor and slumped on the carpet. The energy in her body drained in an instant. “So our family is broke?”

Jocelyn wasn’t worried that her mother was arrested. She only cared about money.

Jocelyn needed money to live a luxurious, carefree life.

She raked her eyes across the house and all the expensive things they had bought over the years. Jocelyn couldn’t imagine that she had to part with her possessions. It felt like she was living her nightmare.

“It is not as bad as you think. You can find a job. We can manage but surely can’t live a luxurious life anymore,” Bernie comforted her.

The Lind family didn’t have any money left. After paying the salary of the employees in his factory, Bernie would have to find a job himself.

‘What? Find a job?’

Jocelyn’s eyes widened in horror. She had been happily working in her father’s company, where people did her biddings. Now, she couldn’t imagine working for someone else. The sudden twist in fate frightened her.


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