The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 184


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Janet saw the morning news and found that Fiona was arrested.

The Lind Group was a bit famous in Seacisco.

Just then, Hannah came out of the kitchen to call Janet for breakfast. Seeing her staring at the TV absentmindedly, Hannah w the news. “They should have arrested her a long time ago! Without old Mr. Lind, the family and its business have been falling apart with every passing day.”

“But, Hannah, the company has been running without Grandpa all these years.” Janet turned and smiled at her, not bothering to pay attention to the TV anymore.

Hannah scoffed. “The Linds have done a lot of bad deeds over the years. I think it’s time for retribution.”

Janet grabbed Hannah’s shoulder and stood up. “Well, stop thinking about it. After all, we have nothing to do with the Lind family anymore. It’s all over.”

She had decided to let go of the past after severing all ties with the Lind family.

However, Hannah was old, so she couldn’t stop nagging Janet. She sat down and continued to watch the news. “I wonder who did it.”

Janet took a sip of milk and shook her head. “I don’t have a clue. Fiona has done a lot of bad things, so I’m not surprised. Besides, the Lind family was already on the brink of downfall. It was just a matter of time before they went bankrupt.”

Janet wasn’t in the mood to discuss their misfortunate, so she ate quickly. After all, she had nothing to do with the Lind family and didn’t care about them anymore.

Seeing that Janet was about to leave for work, Hannah stopped her. “Janet?” She cleared her throat and said, “Now that the debt is settled, I think it’s time for me to go back. I prefer living in the village; city life isn’t for me.”

She didn’t like the mundane city life where people lived like robots. The neighbors used to invite Hannah home, and they would dance together. But considering she was a slow learner, they had stopped calling her. The life in the countryside seemed happy and peaceful. She could grow vegetables and breed chickens and ducks to k**l time.

Janet held the coat and looked at Hannah. “Can’t you stay with me for a couple more days? Living in the countryside on your own isn’t easy. I have planned to buy a house nearby once I save up money. You would move in with me, won’t you?”

“Well, there is no one to take care of my vegetables. I have to go back. Otherwise, they will rot in the field.” Hannah didn’t want to leave Janet, either. But going back to her house seemed right because she didn’t want to disturb the young couple. Besides, she could never get used to the busy city life.

Janet sighed and nodded. “Fine, I’ll book a taxi to drop you home after work.”

It was almost eleven in the evening when Janet returned home after dropping Hannah at her place.

As soon as she opened the door, strong hands held her waist from behind. Before Janet could react, she was pinned against the wall.

Ethan pressed his body against hers and began unbuttoning her shirt. His breathing came out in pants, and his body was hot with desire. “Let’s go to my room. I want you.”

“Ethan, I’m a little tired.” Janet was exhausted after the long journey. Ethan’s passionate kisses made her scalp tingle. She didn’t even have the time to turn the light on; Ethan had trapped her in his tight embrace.

He slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his heaving chest against hers. “Just lie down. I will do all the work.” His voice was thick with lust.

“It’s already late. I have to go to work tomorrow. Now that Hannah’s gone, I’ll move back to my room.” Janet turned around and pushed him away. “How about next time? I really am exhausted now.”

Ethan’s relationship with Brandon still bothered Janet. She now suspected that Ethan was g*y or at least bisexual, and she just couldn’t give herself to him knowing her boyfriend had another boyfriend.

However, Ethan didn’t know what was on Janet’s mind. He just wanted to consummate their relationship by making love to her. He wanted their first time to be special and memorable. However, Janet was right. It was better to save it for another time when both were free and up for it.

Ethan bit her earlobe and mumbled, “All right. I’ll let you go this time, but you better sleep in my room.”

Before Janet could respond, he cupped her cheeks and kissed her passionately.

He was desperate to make love to her.

The news about the fraudsters and their arrest became viral on the Internet.

Thereby, all the rumors about Janet were cleared.

The next morning, when Janet went to work, she bumped into Christopher in the elevator. He was holding an enormous box in his hands.

“Chris, are you quitting?” Janet asked in surprise.

Christopher shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I’m transferred to our branch in Snape. They’ve appointed me as the new department director.”


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