The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 185

Masquerade Ball

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It took half a day to take a bullet train from Snape to Seacisco. Snape was a prominent city that was still under construction, so property prices were much lower than that of Seacisco. In a word, Snape had promise in terms of development. It’d be good if Christopher worked as a department director of the company in Snape.

Although it meant that he couldn’t work in the company headquarters, it was still a promotion. Janet sincerely thought this was a good thing. In her eyes, the Larson Group was giving him a chance to achieve his full potential.

“It’s all so sudden. I didn’t know it was coming at all. The HR department told me just yesterday that Mr. Larson himself gave the order.” Scratching the back of his head, Christopher looked down at Janet anxiously. It seemed like he wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

“What? Really?” As soon as Janet heard that Brandon was behind this, she p*****d up her ears.

Christopher nodded. To his surprise, Janet frowned deeply, as though she was thinking about something.

Janet wasn’t completely certain, but there were just too many coincidences between Ethan and Brandon.

Otherwise, why else was Christopher suddenly being transferred to a remote office all of a sudden?

She knew better than anyone else that Ethan wanted to put as much distance between Christopher and her as possible. Janet suspected that perhaps Ethan asked Brandon to do this.

If Ethan could persuade Brandon to transfer the employee of the Larson Group, what did that say about the relationship between the two men? Could Brandon value Ethan enough to follow his requests?

“Honestly, I’m not too happy about the promotion. I don’t want to move to another city.” Christopher tightened his grip around the carton in his hand. He stared at Janet for a long time with complicated emotions.

When he first learned about his transfer, his knee-j**k reaction was to refuse. But after calming down and weighing the pros and cons, he decided to take the promotion. He figured that it would be better this way. He had no future with Janet anyway.

If he stayed away from her long enough, maybe one day his infatuation with her would d*e down.

“Snape isn’t that different from Seacisco. It’ll take some getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Unable to find the words to respond, Janet pretended to ignore what he said. “Chris, let me see you off.”

Janet still kept Ethan’s warning in mind. Now that she couldn’t invite Christopher to dinner, she could only say goodbye to him.

She accompanied Christopher until he hailed a taxi. As she walked back to her desk, she mulled over the relationship between Ethan and Brandon once again.

The more convinced she was of her theory, the more she wanted to find some evidence to prove it.

But even if it turned out to be true, she didn’t know what to do.

When she arrived at her desk, only then did she realize that the entire design department was in a state of chaos. Everyone was talking about something excitedly.

When Gerda saw her colleague’s questioning look, she excitedly showed Janet the notice in the chat group. “Lind! Look at the notice!”

It turned out that the Larson Group was going to hold a masquerade ball as a reward to the employees. What caught Janet’s attention was that Brandon was also attending the party.

This was the perfect opportunity!

If Janet could take Ethan with her to the ball, that’d put the two men in the same room. That way, she might get a chance to figure out their relationship.


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