The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 188

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Janet looked down at her dress. It was one of the articles of clothing that Brandon had asked her to keep.

“I’m not wearing a knock-off,” she argued. She knew that Brandon would never give her something fake.

Emani sighed heavily, as though she felt sorry for the poor Janet. She straightened the bead drops on Janet’s evening dress for her and smiled. “Then show me the label on the collar of your dress. I’m good friends with the designer of this dress, so I’ve seen it before. The logo on the label should be embroidered in gold thread.”

Without hesitation, Janet showed her the label. Sure enough, the thread was not golden, but purple and silver.

The assistant took one glance at it and burst into peals of laughter. “See? And you had the audacity to argue with me! You said that your dress isn’t a fake, but look at the evidence. You’d better change into another dress, sweetheart. You’re just a regular employee. How on earth did you expect me to believe you could afford a dress worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?”

There were other female guests who were headed to the ladies’ room. When they heard the quarrel, they couldn’t help but p***k their ears.

“Oh, look! It’s Janet!” The women exchanged glances and smiled. They were all keen to see Janet make a fool of herself.

After what had happened with Janet’s foster parents and the usury lenders, Janet had become a hot topic in the Larson Group lately.

Just then, ladies’ room’s door swung open and Tiffany strode out. She was wiping her fingers carefully with a tissue in her hand. When she saw the label on Janet’s clothes, she looked surprised. Her eyes wide with awe, she asked, “Lind, is this the limited edition spring dress Power released?”

Janet was confused by Tiffany’s question. Truth be told, she had no idea what brand this dress was.

“Is… Is it expensive?” When she heard the words “limited edition”, she knew the dress must’ve cost a fortune.

She didn’t expect Brandon to be so generous to her.

“Of course it’s expensive! Most importantly, even if you had the money, you might not be able to get your hands on one,” Tiffany chuckled, her eyes twinkling.

Then she turned to look at Emani, who was standing in front of her, and tossed her crumpled-up tissue into the trash can. “Miss Gomez, what a coincidence to see you here! Is that a basic you’re wearing? Honey, you’re a star. You shouldn’t be wearing something so basic. What? You couldn’t borrow a high-end dress? You should’ve asked me for help. You know I’m on good terms with Power’s designers.”

Emani had fallen silent ever since Tiffany showed up. Tiffany was famous in the designing industry. Nobody dared to offend her-not even Emani though she was the brand spokesperson of the Larson Group.

Hearing what Tiffany said, Emani looked very embarrassed and lowered her head. She feebly tried to change the topic and said, “Ms. Fisher, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Yes, it’s been so long.” Tiffany said dryly. . Then she smiled and turned to look at Janet. “Lind, you’re a designer and you’re supposed to know what you wear. You should keep learning at least the works of famous brands. The piece you’re wearing is authentic. Because it’s a limited edition, the fabric and style have been upgraded. There are only five of these in existence, and they’re worth a ton of money and are only available to the top VIP customers.


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