The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 189

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On the surface, Tiffany was just explaining the facts to Janet, but in fact, she was deliberately putting Emani in her place. She had worked with Emani before, and she didn’t like her from the very beginning. In her eves arrogant. How could she just stand by and watch as Emani bully her co-worker?

Both Emani and her assistant were stunned speechless.

So was Janet.

She took a deep breath to calm down. She had no idea that Brandon had given her such expensive clothes.

Emani was so embarrassed that the thick layer of foundation on her face couldn’t cover her reddened cheeks. Without saying another word, she turned around to leave.

But before she could storm off, Tiffany stopped her. “Where are you going, honey? I heard that dress’ designer is coming tonight. I thought you were friends with her? How about we go to her and have a chat?”

Emani’s heart leaped to her throat. She was just bluffing earlier. She couldn’t even borrow a decent dress for the party, so how could she know the designer?

“No, thanks. Something urgent came up.” Emani forced a smile and turned around once more. She had to get out of here.

But before leaving, she stole one last glance at Janet. Emani hadn’t recognized Janet at first and had thought that she was just a nobody that she could bully. But now, it seemed she had made a mistake.

Seeing that the onlookers around had already left, Tiffany decided to let Emani go. “Okay then. By the way, Emani, a word of advice-take off that basic dress. You’re a celebrity. Don’t you think you should dress better than Janet, a ‘regular employee’ as you said?

“Okay. Thanks for the advice, Ms. Fisher.” Emani was secretly furious, but she couldn’t deny how expensive Janet’s dress was. Perhaps Janet wasn’t just the ordinary employee she thought she was. Not daring to say anything more, she could only leave, sulking, with her assistant and change her clothes in one of the stalls.

She gritted her teeth angrily. She hated Janet for this.

“What’re you looking for?” Tiffany eyed Janet questioningly, who seemed to be looking for something.

“Nothing… Anyway, thank you for your help, Ms. Fisher,” Janet said gratefully.

Tiffany shrugged nonchalantly and gave her a small smile before leaving.

Janet stayed where she was and continued to wait outside the men’s room. Ethan had been in the men’s room for a while now.

Just as she considered calling him, on the other end of the hall, the lights suddenly went out. Only a glaringly white spotlight lit up the stage.

The audience applauded, and everyone turned to focus on the tall man onstage.

Janet could tell from the man’s figure that he was Brandon. He was wearing a black mask and a suit. Facing the audience, he gave a simple opening speech.

“Last but not least, enjoy the night.” As soon as he finished his speech, the lights went out again. Brandon descended from the stage and disappeared behind the black curtain.

Intrigued, Janet wanted to know where he went and whether he would stay for the ball later. But there was no way of knowing his plans.

Now that Brandon was gone, she withdrew her gaze from the stage and turned to face the door to the men’s room. Ethan still hadn’t come out.

She paced back and forth outside the bathroom. After waiting for a few minutes, she finally got impatient. She anxiously called Ethan, who answered the phone after several rings.

“Ethan, are you okay? Why haven’t you come out yet?”