The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 191

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For a second, Ethan was at a loss.

But then a thought occurred to him. In a low voice, he whispered to her, “Everyone’s staring. Just text him a ‘thank you’ message. You don’t have to keep staring at the men’s room. People might think you’re a p*****t.”

Only then did Janet realize that everyone who passed by the bathroom had looked at her strangely. Perhaps it was because she looked as though she was guarding the door.

“Fine, I’ll text him.” Then she took out her phone and tapped away, typing out a message to Brandon.

Sure enough, when she hit send, the phone in Ethan’s pocket vibrated. He didn’t dare to take out his phone to check the message she texted him just now. The text remained unread.

She had sent him two messages, but they were both unread.

Wouldn’t Brandon check his phone in the men’s room? Why were her texts still unread?

“I’m a little worried. Do you think something bad happened to him? Should we ask the staff to go in and check if he’s alright in there?” Janet turned to Ethan worriedly. “What if he fainted?”

Ethan closed his eyes. His temples throbbed. Judging from the look on Janet’s face, it looked like she wouldn’t leave until she saw Brandon come out safe and sound.

Fortunately, just then, Garrett showed up.

“What are you two doing outside the men’s room?” Garrett unbuttoned his two suit buttons and smiled politely. Just as he was about to walk inside, Janet stopped him.

“Mr. Harding, Mr. Larson has been in there for a long time. I’m starting to worry about him. Can you ask someone to go in and check if he’s alright?” Panic was written all over Janet’s pretty face, her eyes wide with worry.

Garret glanced at Ethan, who was winking at him furiously, and he immediately understood what was going on. Speechless, he racked his brains for a solution.

“Okay, I’ll call someone over in a bit,” Finally, an idea occurred to him. “Do you want to meet the new spokesperson of the Larson Group? I heard from Tiffany that the design department is preparing for the winter collections already.”

Garrett forced a smile, although internally, his stomach was doing flip-flops. If he couldn’t get Ethan out of this sticky situation as soon as possible, he might lose his job.

When it came to matters about work, Janet was serious. After giving it some though, she turned to Ethan and held up her phone. “I’ll go with Mr. Harding. Call you later.”

Ethan smiled at her gently and nodded. Glancing at Garrett gratefully, he turned around, walked out of the hall, and slumped into a chair.

Then, Garrett quickly led Janet to the center of the ball. There was a bar counter there, where men and women in all kinds of fancy clothes were talking and laughing merrily.

Garrett looked around the people in one of the booths then his eyes lit up. He held up his hand in greeting to the woman sitting in the innermost corner. Under the dim lights, the woman then approached him with a bright smile on her face.

Emani strode over to them. When she saw that it was Janet who was standing next to Garrett, her expression changed dramatically.

Janet smiled back at her politely, but there was no mistaking the fierce look in her eyes.

Garrett didn’t know what had happened between the two girls just now, so he introduced the two to each other. “This is Emani Gomez. You’ve probably heard of her before. She starred in a lot of famous TV dramas as well as a lot of commercials.”

With a calm look on her face, Janet stretched out her hand to Emani and said, “Nice to meet you.”