The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 192


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“Janet Lind is a promising and talented designer. We’re about to start our winter collection. Emani, if you have any ideas or suggestions, just tell Janet.” Garrett was grinning as he introduced the two ladies, but then he saw that Emani looked a little disgruntled, while Janet’s attitude seemed a bit strange, too.

“Have you two met before?” Garrett glanced at Janet questioningly.

He had only done this to separate Janet from Ethan in order to buy Ethan some time.

“I just met Miss Gomez in the bathroom earlier,” Janet answered dryly. She didn’t want things to get nasty.

Janet had nothing to fear. Emani was the one who started the fight, and Janet didn’t do anything wrong. Still, she didn’t want to make things awkward for Emani since she was a celebrity.

Emani rolled her eyes and sneered. Earlier, she had worried that Janet was from some rich and powerful family. After all, the Larson Group had invited many important figures tonight.

So when they had the small scuffle earlier, Emani was scared that she might’ve offended someone she shouldn’t have. Now that she knew that Janet was indeed just an ordinary employee of the design department of the Larson Group, she guessed that Janet must’ve just borrowed the designer dress from the company.

So she grew complacent and threw caution to the wind.

“Yes. We met earlier. She left a deep impression on me,” Emani said in a voice that oozed with sarcasm.

Garrett raised his eyebrows. He could keenly feel the highly charged atmosphere here. Initially, he had planned to leave the two ladies to talk after introducing them.

After all, they were both women so he figured they would find out something in common.

But now it seemed that he couldn’t just leave. Emani was an arrogant, self-centered, and domineering woman, which left Janet at a disadvantage.

“Did something happen between you two?” Garrett asked with a straight face. As he spoke, he plucked a glass of champagne from the tray of a waiter passing by.

Now that Garrett had asked, Emani grew emboldened. “Mr. Harding, I do have some ideas, but your designer doesn’t seem to have any manners.”

“Mr. Harding, that’s not—” Janet started to protest.

But Garrett raised his hand to show that he didn’t need any explanation from Janet. Knowing that Emani was just going to speak ill of Janet, he played dumb. “Janet is still young and inexperienced. Emani, even you used to be like that before. Now you’re matured and much experienced. Why can’t you be more tolerant of our new employee?”

Emani was infuriated by his words. She pointed at Janet and said in a shrill voice, “Mr. Harding, you don’t know what happened. She wore a dress similar to mine, but your designer had the audacity to ask me to change my dress!”

Emani jutted her chin out arrogantly. She was a popular star now. Janet was below her. Now that she had explained what had happened to Garrett, she thought that he would finally take her side and put Janet in her place.

Sipping his champagne, Garrett looked Emani’s dress up and down. “I think the dress you were wearing earlier didn’t suit you. You look much better in this one.”

Emani was dumbfounded. She never expected that she would hear such a thing from Garrett.

Everyone in the circle knew that Garrett was a smooth operator. He had always been gentle and privy to women. While Garrett hadn’t blatantly insulted Emani, it was still obvious that he was on Janet’s side.


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