The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 193


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As far as Emani could think, there seemed to be only one possibility as to why Garrett was protective of Janet.

Janet was either his girlfriend, or he was planning to ask her out.

Thinking of it, Emani couldn’t help but glance at Janet’s dress again.

Garrett was famous for his generosity. She wondered if the dress was his gift to Janet.

Emani then turned to look at Janet. She was indeed a beautiful woman, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Garrett liked her.

“You’re right, Mr. Harding.” She forced a smile at Janet, her eyes no longer domineering as before.

She looked calm and composed even though she wasn’t happy about it. “This dress does look better on you than it did on me, Miss Lind.”

“Thank you, Miss Gomez,” Janet could still sense the sarcasm in her words. She was impressed at how fast Emani had changed her attitude. The woman would make a fortune If she acted for a living.

Garrett didn’t say anything more. He took a sip of the champagne and glanced at the dancing floor. Ethan was walking toward the hall.

Garrett looked away and glanced at Emani. “You guys carry on.”

Emani wasn’t in the mood to talk with Janet. She looked down upon women who seduced men and then slept their way to the top.

But she couldn’t afford to offend Garrett. Therefore, she had no choice but to smile at her and carry on a polite conversation. “Did Mr. Harding gift this dress to you?”

Janet shook her head. “The company held a dinner party last time, and my evening dress got stained. So he lent this dress to me.”

However, Emani didn’t believe it. She assumed Janet was ashamed to admit her relationship with Garrett simple because she was just his mistress.

There were many such women in the industry. Besides, Garrett was a well-known playboy.

Sensing that Emani had misunderstood her, Janet hurriedly waved her hand to clarify herself. “Mr. Harding and I work in the same company. That’s all.”

Emani arched an eyebrow, still doubting her words. “Right, of course,” she said perfunctorily.

Garrett had brought Janet here just to distract her so she would cut Ethan some slack. Seeing Emani now eye Janet with suspicion, he quickly explained, “Emani, when did you become inquisitive? You shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” Garrett looked stern.

He feared there would be another misunderstanding. After all, Ethan was here; he didn’t want to make him unhappy and face his wrath.

Hearing that, Emani returned to her booth without uttering another word.

“Shall we go back, Mr. Harding, or should we go and check on Mr. Larson?” Janet didn’t want to talk to Emani from the very beginning. She hated the woman for what had happened earlier. Janet would never get along with such an arrogant woman.

“Mr. Larson is fine. He is busy with his work and has already left,” Garrett said, pretending to look at his phone.

Janet took her phone and found that Brandon had texted her back. “You are welcome.” The message was brief and concise.


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