The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 197

Charis Turner

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Janet stared as the blinds slowly closed, her eyes wide. She lay on the bed, stiff as a board.

There was a rustling sound as Ethan lifted the covers and joined her He braced himself on one elbow and straddled her t****s with his long, muscular leg. His fingers stroked her hair and splayed them across the pillow. “Are you asleep?”

Ethan’s hand slowly crept around her waist, then down the front of her leg. He clicked his tongue playfully. “How are you clamping your legs so tightly when you’re already fast asleep?”

His words only made Janet press her t****s even more tightly together, preventing him from doing what he wanted.

“If you keep this up, I’m going to slide my fingers in. You know you can’t stop me.” Ethan’s voice was low and dangerous. He blew lightly on her ear before pressing his lips against the sensitive skin.

“No—” Janet blurted out before she could stop herself. “Ethan…” She bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling. He was frightening her.

She hadn’t missed the massive bulge of his crotch back when they had taken a shower together before.

“Aren’t you going to say something else, hmm?” Ethan whispered to her now, his hot breath drifting over to her nape. The scent of their body wash lingered in the air.

When Janet didn’t answer right away, he pressed closer against her until his broad chest covered the width of her back.

Ethan gave her t***h a squeeze before diverting his attention to her shoulders. There, he caressed her skin with feather-light touches before tugging the strap of her night gown off. He could feel her shiver as it raced down her spine.

He leaned over and l****d the curve of her neck. When she still didn’t turn around, Ethan finally rolled her over to face him. “Are you crying? Are you so afraid of me that you would cry? Weren’t you the one who asked me to take you to bed before?”

Janet sniffed. It was true that she was a little frightened because she heard that the first time would always hurt, but she knew she also wanted him.

“Why are wasting your time talking nonsense? It’s not like I’m resisting…” She averted her gaze as she spoke, embarrassed at how ridiculous she was acting.

Ethan chuckled softly. He perfectly understood what she meant.

He pinched her cheek and kissed her-gently and with affection. It was a kiss of reassurance.

When he pulled back, he asked, “Are you still scared?”

Janet shook her head, her cheeks burning as Ethan grinned. “In that case, let’s kiss for a while, shall we?”

He took her face in both hands and swooped in for another, longer kiss. Janet loved his kisses.

Her arms instinctively snaked around his neck to bring him closer. In the next second, however, she flinched and pushed against his shoulders. “Ethan! Leave my belly alone, I’m ticklish!”

Ethan laughed and gave her another peck. He was done playing now. He loomed over her, trapping her between his powerful legs.

She had stoked the fire of his desire, and he could no longer contain it.

He made quick work of discarding his pajama bottoms. “I can put it in, right?”

Even as he asked, he was already grinding his groin against hers. Janet bit her lower lip, hesitating.

He took advantage of the pause and took off his pajama top. “We have nothing better to do for the rest of the night, We might as well… Right?”

Janet had no reason to refuse, of course. They had finally cleared up their misunderstandings, so there was no point in holding back. “Hmm,” she nodded.

Her voice was quiet and timid, but Ethan heard it. He needed no further encouragement.

With one swift motion, he pushed her night gown up to reveal her plump b*****s, Janet felt a hotness rush toward her t****s, and her pulse quickened in anticipation. Ethan could tell with that she was ready for him. He reached for the night stand and fumbled around the first drawer.

He had bought a box of condoms shortly after confessing his affections for Janet. Little had he known then that he wouldn’t have any use for them until now.

Just as he was finally able to find the prized box, his phone began to buzz on the night stand.

Ethan growled. He had already been thwarted by a phone call once; he wasn’t keen on letting it happen again. He grabbed the device, fully intending to hang up and turn it off altogether.

“Who is it?” Janet asked. Curious, she sat up and peeked over his shoulder. She glanced at his phone and saw the caller ID displayed on the screen. “Charis Turner”. A woman’s name.


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