The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 198

Coming Back

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“Is it your friend?” Janet wrapped herself in the blanket and sat on the bed. Her face still looked flushed. She pulled the black rubber band on her wrist with her teeth and tied her hair into a messy bun.

Her intuition told her that something was wrong. Charis was a woman’s name. Janet had lived with Ethan for so long, but he had never mentioned any woman, including this Charis. She didn’t think he had a close relationship with any woman.

Besides, considering the woman had called him at this hour, it seemed apparent she had a special relationship with Ethan.

Ethan knew that Charis was returning from abroad. He just didn’t expect to receive a call from her at this hour.

“She’s an acquaintance. I think she has called to tell me something,” Ethan explained briefly. He couldn’t think about anything else when Janet was lying beside him. Her body was soft and tender, as if she had no bones. Although she looked petite, ripples of pleasure had exploded in Ethan’s body as he cupped her warm flesh whilst caressing her smooth skin.

Ethan couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. He leaned closer to kiss her again, but Janet pushed him away

“Why haven’t you mentioned her before? Why is she calling you late at night?” Janet asked, cocking her head to the side.

“She lives abroad now. It’s morning there. She is probably too busy to remember the time difference,” he said, wrapping his arm around Janet’s shoulder.

Charis was a workaholic. She would drown in work and forget that she had a personal life. Ethan liked collaborating with such people who put work above everything else. That was one of the reasons why he started a business with Charis.

Janet felt there was something more to it. Things weren’t as honest as Ethan made it seem.

“Shouldn’t you call her back? She probably has something important to say.”

Ethan was in no mood to talk to Chairs. He wanted to continue making out with his wife. But Janet wanted him to call her back. If he didn’t, it would only garner her suspicion.

“Okay. I’ll call her now.” Ethan took his phone and called Charis.

It was noisy on the other end of the line. Charis was in California. She was on her annual vacation and had just finished a short trip.

“What happened? Were you so absorbed in work that you didn’t have the time to even answer my call?” Charis sounded enthusiastic.

“It’s eleven in the evening in Seacisco.” Ethan pulled Janet in his arms. Her pouted lips and sullen face increased his desire to kiss her; she looked adorable. He leaned forward and bit her lip again. “What’s up?” he asked over the phone, hoping to end the conversation soon.

“I’m returning next week, right? I want to bring you a gift. Do you want anything specific? But nothing too expensive, okay? I’ve indeed made some money from the previous project. But Garrett has ripped me off.”

“No, thanks. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up,” Ethan replied tersely as his mind was filled with other thoughts.

“Okay. Let’s catch up after I return. I haven’t seen you guys for a long time.” Charis hung up the phone. She knew Ethan very well. Judging from his tone, it seemed obvious that he didn’t want to talk to her right now.

Ethan put down his phone. However, Janet still looked unhappy. She could hear the muffled voice of the woman from the other end. She could only make out the last sentence where Charis said she wanted to catch up with Ethan.

“She called to tell me that she was coming back.” Ethan pulled the blanket away and buried his head in Janet’s bosom, peppering little kisses. “Shall we carry on? I’m so hard; it’s very uncomfortable, you know.”

Janet was no longer in the mood to have s*x with him. She subconsciously pushed him away and asked, “Are you two close?”

Charis seemed like an excellent woman who had studied and worked abroad. Moreover, she wanted to meet him first thing she came back. Her intention seemed obvious.

Ethan sensed something was bothering Janet. He understood he wouldn’t be able to have s*x with her tonight

He pushed himself off Janet and rested on the bed, pulling her in his arms. “We haven’t been in touch for a while.” he said, staring at the ceiling.

After a moment’s thought, he added, “She also works in the Larson Group; she is a senior executive. She has been exploring the overseas market. You’ll probably meet her after she comes back.”


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