The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 202

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Ethan rubbed his nose and looked out of the window. “Aren’t you supposed to be back next week? Well, I’m kind of busy now. I’ll ask someone to pick you up.”

Ethan heard the bustling sounds of traffic from the other end of the line. Charis managed to hear his words and answered casually, “Well, surprise! Anyway, it’s okay if you can’t make it. I’ll figure it out myself.”

Although Charis tried to sound cheerful, Ethan could hear the disappointment in her voice. “Are you free tonight?” she asked expectantly. “We haven’t seen each other for three years. Shall we meet today?”

“I’m not free tonight.” Ethan thought about Janet storming out of the house in a fit of pique. “Maybe next time.”

“You always say that you have to tell me what you mean when you say ‘next time’. I haven’t seen you in three years. Can’t I even ask you out for dinner? is that too much to ask?” Charis grunted.

She had always been honest about her feelings. Ethan’s constant rejection annoyed her. Charis only wanted to catch up with him and couldn’t understand why Ethan was constantly refusing her. She couldn’t keep her composure anymore.

“I’m really busy tonight. Besides, you will be in the company tomorrow. I’ll see you there,” Ethan mumbled. “We can catch up then.”

Charis knew Ethan well. He had always been indifferent toward everyone and was devoid of emotional attachments. But she had fallen for him despite that.

“Fine. See you in the company tomorrow.” The smile on Charis’ face disappeared as she hung up the phone.

It had been three years, but Ethan hadn’t changed one bit.

She clutched her phone and stared into the distance.

Unrequited love was painful. Only she knew what it felt to love someone so much and not get anything in return.

She had fallen in love with Ethan when they were in high school. Back then, she chose to start a new business with Ethan instead of taking over her family’s business. Ethan had nothing but talent when they started the company together. She had been through a lot of trials and tribulations with him. She had stood by him during his toughest times.

Later, Ethan’s business picked up, and he became Brandon Larson — the CEO of the Larson Group.

Then, she confessed her love for him, but he rejected her. Charis was devastated. She left the country and stayed abroad for three years.

She actually hoped that he would regret his decision and come after her. But not once in those three years had he tried contacting her. Everyone assumed she would have moved on. But her feelings had only grown stronger during the three years. She loved him now more than ever.

Charis was born rich and beautiful. She regarded herself as the perfect match for Ethan. The Lester family was a mess. Charis had assumed Ethan had rejected her because he wanted to get rid of his family and develop his career first.

Now that the Larson Group was flourishing, she assumed he would have time to think about their relationship. Besides, she was more successful now. She had singlehandedly expanded the overseas business of the Larson Group.

She was sure about winning him back this time.

However, Ethan seemed more indifferent now. He didn’t even want to talk to her.

Charlie’s heart sank with dejection.

But she quickly comforted herself that even best friends would feel estranged if they didn’t see each other for a long time.

Charis smiled and cheered herself up.

This time, she was determined to win his heart.