The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 203

Welcome Party

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The next morning, Charis’s car stopped on the street outside the Larson Group’s building. She got out of the car and looked up at the magnificent building.

It had been three years since she had left Seacisco. Many things had changed. Towering buildings dotted the streets everywhere she looked.

The Larson Group was completely different from what it was three years ago. Back then, the three worked day and night in a small studio. Now, the Larson Group had turned into a magnificent enterprise with thousands of employees working tirelessly for them.

“Why are you reminiscing the past instead of going inside and seeing what your future looks like?” Charis turned around and saw Garrett. He pushed the golden-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled gently. “I know you change your plan and get back early. Gosh, you look so gorgeous now!”

“You used to say that I behave like a boy. Anyway, did you get my gift? God, you’re a greedy man! Two bottles of La Romanee-Conti, huh?!” Charis joked, rolling her eyes.

The meeting seemed to bring back memories of the past. The two relived their teenage days.

However, Brandon wasn’t with them now.

“Where is Brandon? How is he?” Charis asked as she followed Garrett into the company.

“You’re a heartless woman, Charis. I know you’re eager to meet him. You left without saying goodbye. I’m standing right before you right now, but you’re asking about him. That’s hurtful.” Garrett frowned. He sounded jealous.

If Charis didn’t know Garrett well, she would have misunderstood him. “Come on, Garrett. I know those beautiful girlfriends of yours have taken good care of you. Anyway, how is Brandon?”

Brandon’s mother had passed away when he was young, and no one took care of him.

“He is a free bird. After all, he is…” Garrett bit his lip, for he almost blurted out the truth.

He was aware of what had happened between Ethan and Charis. Therefore, he felt it would be better if Charis heard about Ethan’s marriage from the man himself. Otherwise, it would only complicate things further, and Ethan would scold him again.

Garrett pouted, tilting his head toward the Larson Group’s building. “You’re going to meet him in a couple of minutes. Why are you still asking me about him? Go inside and see for yourself.”

Charis smiled at him and walked into the building.

The conference room on the top floor of the Larson Group was packed with people. The room was tastefully decorated.

All senior executives had gathered to welcome Charis back home, Brandon himself included. Brandon sat at the head of the table. His outstanding temperament and extraordinary appearance made him stand out from the rest.

Charis easily spotted him in the crowd. Three years had passed, yet Brandon still managed to make her weak in the knees. Her heart raced at the mere sight of him.

Charis slept late last night and hadn’t fully recovered from the jet lag. But the excitement to meet Brandon seemed to energize her in an instant. She spent hours in front of the mirror, dressing up to impress him. Now, she was confident about her looks.

All the senior executives came to talk to Charis. She politely greeted them and walked to Brandon.

“Long time no see, Brandon.” Charis smiled and clinked her glass with his.

She wanted to hug him and tell him how much she missed him and how lonely she had been for the past three years.

A smile tugged at the corners of Brandon’s lips. He took a sip of the red wine, staring into the distance. It looked like he was thinking about something else. “You must be tired after the long journey. Welcome back.”

Charis sat beside Brandon. She wanted to spend her entire day talking to him.

She thought Brandon would inquire about her personal life and what she had been doing for the past three years. But he was sipping on his wine without uttering a word.

Brandon’s indifference broke Charis’s heart. “We are meeting each other after three years! Don’t have anything to say to me?”

Brandon put down his glass and looked at her. “We have made huge profits from the overseas market this time. The company has decided to reward you for that.”

Charis arched an eyebrow and looked at him with expectant eyes. “I obviously don’t want to work for free. What reward will I get?”

“During the meeting with the senior executives, we decided to give you a promotion along with a raise. In addition to that, you will also get extra shares and a bonus. We will always treat you fairly,” Brandon said calmly.

Charis’s jaw tightened; she was utterly disappointed.

Brandon only regarded her as an excellent employee

However, Charis wanted to earn his love and care, not monetary rewards.


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