The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 212

I Will Get You

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Janet grew dejected when she saw Kent. However, she forced a polite smile at him. “Well then, what are your preferences, Mr. Perkins? Bank uniforms generally look formal. If you don’t have any special requests, we will make a sample design based on the template.”

Kent took a sip of coffee and rested his arms on the sofa. “I trust your choices, Miss Lind. How about I show you around the Perkins Bank first so that you’ll have an idea of our enterprise culture?”

Janet frowned and checked the time on her phone. “of course, please give me the address, Mr. Perkins. I’ll go there myself.”

Kent stood up and walked to the door. “I think it would be better if I showed you around in person,” he said, examining her face. Miss Lind, you better come with me now. I don’t think you’d want to waste your time.”

Janet had no choice but to follow him into his sports car, Kent drove her to the Perkins Bank and showed her around.

After that, he insisted on driving Janet home.

“We still have time. Why don’t you have dinner with me? There is a classy restaurant nearby. Their food is out of the world,” Kent said, turning the steering wheel.

“Thank you, Mr. Perkins, but no. My husband will be waiting for me,” Janet grunted irritably as she stared out of the window.

She was no longer the innocent girl who couldn’t understand people’s intentions. Janet very well knew why Kent was following her everywhere.

Kent smiled and looked at her hand. His eyes widened when he saw the huge, sparkly ring.

It looked like an expensive blue diamond ring. Kent wondered how an ordinary employee could afford it.

However, he assumed it was a fake diamond and looked away.

He thought Janet’s husband was a poor man who had fooled her with a faux diamond ring.

Kent was always surrounded by women, so he had noticed the ring on Janet’s finger ever since he laid eyes on her. But he didn’t mind dating a married woman. Nothing would stop him as long as he went after something he wanted.

“Such a beautiful hand deserves a more expensive ring. There is a jewelry auction in the city next week. Do you want to go with me and find a ring you like?” Kent smiled, resting his hand on top of hers.

“Please behave yourself, Mr. Perkins!” Janet shook off his hand, eyeing him with surprise.

Kent wisely withdrew his hand.

‘Gosh, how ungrateful is she.’

He had never thought of taking any woman to a social event before because he didn’t want people to think they were serious. But strangely, he wanted to take Janet with him now.

He didn’t mind going to any extent to impress her.

Janet couldn’t avoid him now. After all, he was her client, and she had no choice but to work for him.

However, the man had crossed his limits today, making her uncomfortable. The following days, Janet tried her best to keep the conversation professional and avoided being alone with him.

She turned down Kent’s proposals to take her out shopping or buy her a ring. And during the times he tried crossing his limits, Janet knew how to cut him off. She ignored him most of the time and talked to him only regarding work.

After nearly a week’s struggle, Kent finally admitted defeat. Janet didn’t seem to fall for any of his tricks.

“D**n it!” He kicked the gifts that Janet had returned and angrily slumped on the sofa.

He had never met a woman who remained impervious to his charm and flatteries.

However, the relentless failure somehow encouraged him to go after her. He gulped down the red wine in his glass and wiped his mouth. “Janet, I will win you over!”


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