The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 22

House Hunting

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Ethan averted his gaze.

“I rented this car. It’s your first day at work. I wanted to pick you up in this car.”

“Renting a luxury car for even just one day must have been expensive. Ethan, I know you did it out of kindness, but you don’t have to do this for me. We have to accept the reality and live our lives,”

Janet stuttered. She was not the biological daughter of the Lind family — but a simple girl who was used to living in poverty.

The situation was embarrassing. She had been working hard to save up money to pay for Hannah’s medical expenses and meet her daily needs. Even though Ethan didn’t spend her money, it still broke her heart to see him waste it on unnecessary luxuries. On second thought, she realized it was perhaps difficult for Ethan to change his habit because he was used to living a lavish life. She couldn’t push him too hard.

Janet handed the wallet back to Ethan. “Forget it.” She grinned happily. “Today is my first day at work. I should celebrate it. You better save the money for yourself. I think you would also need money.”

She had married Ethan as Jocelyn’s substitute. Janet had already deceived him and felt it would be unreasonable to spend his money as well.

“Great!” She stretched her body and sighed with contentment. “I have never been in a luxurious Lamborghini before.”

Ethan sat beside her and looked at his wallet. He remained silent all the way. The woman was different than he had thought.

The next morning

Janet took a bus to the company.

The long commute had exhausted her. She had to get up early to reach the company on time.

“The director asked you to go to his office.” One of her colleagues nudged Janet’s shoulder as she yawned.

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Janet hadn’t met the department director yet. She had only heard that he was a talented designer.

She entered the office and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, revealing her delicate face. “Mr. Lyman, what can I do for you?”

Ike Lyman stood in front of his desk. The man was in his thirties with an average height.

He turned around to look at Janet. His eyes widened with amazement when he saw the woman in front of him. “Nice to meet you. I’m Ike Lyman,” he greeted, stretching out his hand. “I went on a business trip a few days ago and just came back today. Welcome to the design department.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lyman.” Janet smiled and let go of his hand after shaking it.

Yesterday, a colleague complained that Ike was a harsh man. However, he seemed kind and affable toward Janet.

Perhaps he was yet to show his other side.

“If you have any doubts or problems regarding your work, you can always approach me. I’m in charge of all the design projects of our company.” Ike narrowed his eyes and studied Janet’s face.

The greediness in his eyes made Janet squirm. It felt as if he was picturing her n***d.

“Okay.” Janet left calmly, but her skin prickled with goosebumps as she stepped out of his office.

Janet’s stomach flipped with unease as she recalled how lke looked at her.

By the time she got home from work, it was already dark.

The commute took most of her time, and Janet felt drained and exhausted. As soon as Janet returned home, she slumped on the sofa.

Ethan was sitting by the window, sorting the documents. Seeing Janet, he closed the file and looked at her tired face. “Why don’t we rent a house near your company? Your work is a long drive from here. Traveling to the company consumes most of your time.”

Janet finally opened her eyes and looked at him. “Forget it. The company is in the heart of the city. The houses there are expensive. I can’t afford it.”

“Leave it to me. I promise I will find you a comfortable house with affordable rent.” Ethan stepped closer and picked up the shoes that Janet had casually thrown beside the sofa.

Janet stood up, blinked, and thought for a while.

It would be great if she didn’t have to spend hours travelling on bus. That way, she could have more time to work on her designs. Besides, she could go to the hospital to visit Hannah during her spare time.

“Okay. Try to find a house with reasonable rent, okay?”


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