The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 220


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An hour ago Janet had deliberately made noises while moving her things back to her room.

Her anger flared up when Ethan didn’t respond. She slammed the door, making it rattle against the hinges.

She had thought Ethan would stop her and explain everything to her. Part of her hoped all this was just a misunderstanding, and Charis was nothing more than Ethan’s classmate. Janet waited for a long time but didn’t hear any sound outside.

Janet walked to the bed and slumped down. She was mad at herself for not being decisive enough. She had stormed off like she didn’t give a d**n. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on in Ethan’s mind.

She fell on the bed and buried her face in the pillow.

It was a quiet night. As Janet stirred in her sleep, she felt like someone was standing by her bed. She quickly opened her eyes and turned the light on. However, there was no one else in her room.

The white blanket was still smooth and fluffy. Janet realized no one had been watching her sleep. Ethan hadn’t whispered sweet things into her ear during her sleep.

Janet sat up and massaged her temples.

‘Why hasn’t Ethan bothered to explain himself? Was my guess right then?’

Janet couldn’t stop thinking about the smug look on Charis’s face. They definitely had a history.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Finally, unable to take it anymore, she got up from the bed.

She knew sitting in the room and wracking her brains was pointless. The only solution to the problem was to talk to Ethan about it.

But Janet was a coward. Her momentum disappeared as soon as she walked out of the bedroom. She trudged across the living room as if nothing had happened, pretending that she only got up to get some water.

However, to her surprise, the living room was empty.

‘Where is Ethan?’

She frowned and tiptoed to his room.

However, Ethan wasn’t in his room either.

Janet was enraged. She couldn’t believe Ethan had left the house without even telling her.

Janet took a bottle of beer from the fridge and walked to the balcony. A gust of cold breeze brushed against her as she looked down. Her gaze fell on the man standing in the garden downstairs.

It was Ethan.

He was leaning against the tree, talking over the phone.

Janet grew suspicious. ‘Why does he have to go downstairs to answer the phone? Does he not want me to know who he is talking with?’

Janet quickly ran downstairs and walked toward Ethan from behind.

The cool night breeze caused the shadows of the trees to dance under the street lamps.

Janet could clearly hear his voice. He uttered Charis’s name and was asking her not to get involved in their business.

‘What does he mean? It looks like the two indeed have a history — an unforgettable past.’

Janet’s heart sank.

Countless thoughts and possibilities buzzed in her mind. Her vision grew blurry. She froze and didn’t dare to walk any further.

It looked like Charis was telling the truth. And Ethan didn’t care to explain himself probably because he never cared about Janet.

A wave of shame consumed her. She felt stupid for trying to defend Ethan for a moment.

Janet wiped her tears, turned around, and ran back A pang of jealousy settled in her heart. All of a sudden, she broke into a cold sweat, and her body began to tremble.


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