The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 223

Unfriendly Doctor

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Janet opened her eyes and looked around at this time.

The hospital was a top-notch one that had a beautiful environment and was equipped with advanced medical equipment. All the wards were single rooms. Janet didn’t need anyone to tell her that it would cost a lot to receive treatment here.

She didn’t like the thought because she didn’t have much money. Despite not having any serious expenses now, she was still poor.

‘No, I can’t stay in this hospital. How am I going to pay the bill? Ethan isn’t well-to-do, so who will pay? Besides, I’m not seriously ill. There’s no need for me to be hospitalized. I’ll be fine once I take some cold medicines.’

With this thought in mind, Janet decided to leave. She tugged at her husband’s sleeve and whispered, “Ethan, why didn’t you take me to an ordinary hospital? From the look of things, receiving treatment here will cost an arm. Although I don’t have any financial pressure on me, I can’t afford to squander so much money. Let’s figure out how to leave here.”

Janet spoke in a whisper because she didn’t want the doctor who had just come in to hear. She knew that it would be inappropriate to leave now that she had been admitted into the ward.

Ethan looked at her affectionately and rubbed her head slowly. He then said, “Don’t worry, Janet. It won’t cost that much. Besides, the doctor here is my friend. He will give me a huge discount. Just allow him to treat you, okay?”

“Is he really your friend?” Janet gave him a suspicious look. She didn’t believe what he had just said. After all, doctors in such high-end private hospitals were definitely not ordinary people.

When she saw that Ethan nodded with genuineness in his eyes, she had a vague feeling that his connections were too high for someone of his status. It seemed that he knew many people from almost all works of life and they were always higher than him.

‘I have to admit that this husband of mine seems to be a capable man. He has such strong connections, but he’s just an ordinary part-time worker. Why is that so? Something is not adding up!’

Janet was a little confused, but she couldn’t think too much because of her illness. She was suffering from a splitting headache and her mind was a mess. Now, she decided not to argue or speak for the time being.

“I’ll leave her to you, Frank. I need to get something. Won’t be long. Take care of her, alright?” Ethan patted the doctor on the back, glanced at Janet, and left.

Frank Watson put on a displeased frown on his face while he examined Janet. He didn’t even ask her any questions like normal doctors usually did.

“Ermm… Sir, please what’s wrong with me?” Janet stammered. Frank’s first response came in form of a glare. Janet’s heart almost jumped to her throat at the sight of this. It seemed like the doctor was angry with her for asking that question and that she needed to say her last prayer at this moment. She swallowed hard and averted her eyes fearfully.

“Nothing extraordinary is wrong with you. You just caught a cold. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you,” replied Frank casually while writing something on his clipboard.

Janet’s lips were sealed as he put her on a drip. Afterward, he took his instruments and walked out of the ward. He coincidentally met Ethan in the corridor.

With a bowl of porridge in his hand, Ethan asked worriedly, “How is she? Is she seriously ill?”

Frank took off his mask. He had a handsome face, but his skin was pale and morbid as if he hadn’t been exposed to the sun for a long time.

“She just caught a cold. It doesn’t matter if it’s serious or not. She will get better once she takes some antibiotics. That aside, why did you bring her here for me to attend to her? Do you how busy I am with my research?” Frank grumbled.

The anxious message he had earlier received from Ethan had put him on edge. He thought the situation was serious so he abandoned his research and rushed over.

Ethan raised his eyebrows and retorted, “Cut the c**p, dude. Just do your job. Your research can wait until my wife is cured. Besides, I specially asked for you because I believe you are more capable than the other doctors. Don’t let me down.”

These flattering words mixed with a conspicuous tinge of audacity annoyed Frank so much that he rolled his eyes at him. He would have fought Ethan if he had enough strength to defeat him.

“It’s said that prevention is better than cure. Since you are so concerned about your wife’s health, you should take care of her so she doesn’t fall sick in the first place. Don’t interrupt my research again, or we are going to have serious issues.” Frank took a glance at the porridge in Ethan’s hand. He then turned around and left.


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