The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 225

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Ethan leaned over and whispered in her ear, “We’re good then, right?”

His deep voice made Janet shiver, and goose bumps rose on her skin.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t push your luck.”

“Well, what more would it take? I’ve been out in the cold for days, and it’s been so long since I last kissed you.” Ethan’s gaze fixed on her lips as he said this. He braced his arms on either side of her waist, careful not to touch the infusion tube attached to her hand.

Janet stiffened as he tried to draw closer. If she just let him off after a bout of flirting, he might think she was an easy woman.

“There’s something I want to ask you,” she said, her tone chilly. “Did Charis ever have a boyfriend while she was abroad?”

Considering her background, Charis was more than worthy of a match with the most outstanding man any city had to offer. There was a distinctly huge gap between her social status and Ethan’s, so why was she so devoted to him?

This question was burning a hole in the back of Janet’s mind, but she didn’t want to ask Ethan directly for fear of hurting his self-esteem.

Ethan blew out a small sigh and pulled back. It appeared that he wouldn’t be able to kiss his wife this time, either. “We didn’t stay in contact after she left, so I never really had a way of knowing.”

Janet seemed to relax at that, but she didn’t seem particularly pleased at all. She glanced at the fruits sitting on the side table and pouted. “I’d like to eat some fruit.”

Ethan followed the direction of her gaze and smiled. “Anything for you, honey.”

As he said so, he was already walking towards the table. He picked up an apple and the paring knife that came with the fruits. Janet wasn’t entirely mollify just yet, and he was more than happy to attend to her needs, no matter how trifling they were.

His deft fingers went to work on the apple. Soon enough, a long, winding strip of apple peel was dangling from his hands.

Janet watched him in silence. This charming man was just so d**n good at everything he did.

Ethan sliced the peeled apples and put them in a plate, carrying it back to the hospital bed. “You should eat some porridge, too. It should have cooled down to the perfect temperature by now.”

A blush crept into Janet’s cheeks. In a bid to hide it, she huffed and reached for the plate of apple slices, only for Ethan to pull back and hold it high above her head. “Won’t you call me honey first?”

“Forget it, then! You can eat those yourself!” Janet shot him a glare before scoffing and turning away.

Ethan’s lips stretched into a knowing smile.

He placed the plate on her lap, then reached out and squeezed her burning ear lobe. Before she could tell him off for it, he had already stolen a peck on one of her rosy cheeks. “I was just teasing. You can’t even take a joke, my grumpy little wife. Take your time. I’ll be outside, so just holler if you need anything.”

And then he was striding across the room and out into the corridor outside, closing the door behind him.

Ethan was so infuriatingly smooth, and he could always drive her to a loss without much effort.

Janet looked down at the plate on her lap and began to eat. He was treating her so well. If she had to be honest, she didn’t have the heart to make things more difficult for him.

Luckily, Janet wasn’t seriously ill. Her fever broke on the same day, and she was discharged the next morning, all cleared to return to work.

The moment she was back in the office, she tried to come up with the most ideal way to deal with Kent. Janet didn’t have to ponder too long, however, because Tiffany soon sent her a notice saying that Perkins Bank had changed their representative. Kent was no longer the person in charge of the project.