The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 226

Thwarted Plan

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Ethan wasn’t particularly concerned that Kent was working with Janet at first. But when he saw that Kent had asked her out with an obviously ulterior motive, he decided to secretly pull some strings so Kent would get into trouble and he would be busy sorting out the issue for the time being instead of harassing Janet.

“Kent has been replaced by someone else. You can rest assured now.” Garrett had come to report the latest developments to Ethan. He asked, “Why don’t you just cancel the project once and for all? You would be able to avoid any more trouble that way, right?”

“There would be no need for that. I just want to stop Janet from contacting him. Also, I don’t want to destroy her project. She’s really investing her all in it. Creating trouble for Kent would see to it that he wouldn’t have time to keep in contact with Janet.” Ethan browsed through the document in his hands. His legs were crossed and he looked so serious. A few minutes later, he picked up a pen and appended his signature on the document quickly.

Garrett collected the document and got ready to leave. He said, “I think you should deal with this matter as soon as possible. It would put a stop to the incessant quarrels between you and your wife. By the way, have you guys made up?”

“Yes, we have. She’s no longer angry with me for now. Please keep an eye on Charis for me. She seems to be up to something. If she does anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to inform me.” Ethan had hesitated for a while before he made that statement. He didn’t want to say it, but he thought it wise to do so.

Garrett understood exactly what he meant. With a slight frown, he questioned, “Why do you want me to keep tabs on her? Is there a misunderstanding? Charis is not that kind of woman.”

They went back a long way, so Garrett subconsciously put in a good word for Charis. It seemed like she could do no wrong in his eyes.

Ethan shot him a glare without uttering another word.

This sent a shiver down Garrett’s spine. Taking the cue, he spun on his heel and went out. He thought, ‘Jeez! Ethan was so scary just now. Anyway, it’s between him and Charis. I had better bridle my tongue next time.’

It took Janet a week to finish the design of the new uniform for the employees of the Perkins Bank. The project had been proposed by Kent in order to get close to Janet. It was not difficult.

Tiffany went with Janet to the Perkins Bank to finalize things. On the way, she said, “Lind, I think you could become a project leader in the nearest future.”

She always had an eye for talent. Her comment just now wasn’t intended for flattery. She indeed saw that Janet had great potential.

“Really? This is my first independent project.” Janet was stunned by the praise she had just gotten. It was surprising because becoming a project leader wasn’t a piece of cake. No one in the design department had ever attained that level within a short time.

“So what if it’s your first? Believe me when I say that it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s rare for a new designer to successfully take on a project alone. You are a rare breed. Something tells me that the management won’t slack on you.” Tiffany continued to shower praises on Janet as she drove.


Meanwhile, Charis received a call from Kent.

“What’s the Larson Group up to? Why does it seem like you are deliberately attacking the Perkins family? Are you asking for war?” Kent fumed immediately after the line connected.

“Hey, take it easy with the allegations. I didn’t make any trouble for you. I advise that you look for Brandon,” Charis explained calmly.

She had gotten wind of how trouble had suddenly started for Kent and how he had to divert his attention to solving it while Janet continued with the project. She also knew that Brandon was intentionally protecting Janet.

“D**n it!” Kent cursed from the other end of the line.

He had heard of the mysterious CEO of the Larson Group–Brandon. Although he had never met him in person before, he knew that such a man wasn’t to be trifled with. Now, he could only curse him to vent his anger.

“I’m sorry for going off on you. Please, I need you to do me a favor. Can you find a way to ask Janet out?” Despite all that was happening to him, Kent didn’t want to give up. He was obsessed with Janet. He hadn’t seen her for some days, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Charis was naturally a stubborn woman, but she didn’t dare to act rashly recently. Ethan had warned her seriously, so she had to tread with caution in dealing with Kent. “I would love to help you, but I don’t have time for now. As you know, I just got back into the country. I have a lot of things to do at work. Please, don’t call me from now onwards. I will get into trouble if word gets out that I’m linked with you.”

Charis hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking. She decided it was high time she reduced the way she kept in contact with Kent.

To create a rift between Ethan and Janet, she had incited Kent to chase after Janet. But he failed. On her part, she had also failed to make Ethan dislike his wife. Every part of her big plan failed woefully.

Charis couldn’t help feeling dejected.

After she got off work, she went to a restaurant for dinner. She had just finished making her order when a familiar face appeared in front of her.

This familiar face belonged to Luke Turner, her father. He was here to have dinner with a younger woman.

Charis rested her chin on her hand and stared at her father’s new girlfriend, who was very beautiful. Luke was totally into women who were more than half his age.


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