The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 227

Easy To Exploit Her

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Even though Luke was married and had a wife, he hooked up with every woman he saw and changed girlfriends often.

Such things were common in wealthy families. Considering her mother didn’t mind it, Charis didn’t seem to care about her father’s affairs either.

After all. Luke had been a good father, and Charis liked him. He had never said no to her and always got what she wanted.

Noticing that Jocelyn was constantly looking back, Luke smiled and stroked her flawless face. “What are you staring at? It looks like you want to say something but are hesitant for some reason.”

“Mr. Turner, does that woman know you?” Jocelyn asked gently.

Luke turned around. The smile on his face froze when he saw Charis. He quickly averted his gaze and stood up. “Let’s go and say hi to her.”

Before Jocelyn could react, Luke dragged her toward Charis.

Charis arched an eyebrow and looked at Jocelyn before a slow smile emerged on her face. “Good choice, Dad,” she joked.

Jocelyn was taken aback for a moment. She had never been with a married man before. Besides, Luke’s daughter was about the same age as her. She lowered her head in embarrassment. Regardless of how thick-skinned she was, meeting the daughter of the man she dated was still awkward.

Luke smiled and waved his hand at Charis. “That’s my daughter, Charis. She has just returned from abroad. And this is Jocelyn Lind.”

Charis looked at Jocelyn and smiled. “Hello, Miss Lind.”

“Have you placed the order? Considering we all are here today, why don’t we have a meal together?” Luke offered, smiling. Judging from his expression, Jocelyn could tell Luke adored his daughter. He unbuttoned his collar, loosened his tie, and sat down.

Seeing that Luke had already sat down, Jocelyn had no choice but to sit next to him.

“I see your last name is Lind. You just remind me of this a girl in our company; her name is Janet Lind.” Charis was a smooth talker. There wouldn’t be even a moment of awkward silence with her.

After a short pause, Jocelyn forced a smile at her. “She used to be my sister. But my parents kicked her out of the Lind family.”

Jocelyn’s words seemed to pique Charis’s interest. “Really? Well, there were some bad rumors about her in our company. Can you tell me more about her?”

Jocelyn went on and on about Janet. She poured her heart out, exaggerating her shortcomings.

Upon hearing that, Charis concluded that Jocelyn hated Janet with a vengeance. Besides, Jocelyn didn’t seem like a smart woman. Therefore, Charis felt it might be easy to exploit her.

“Really? Well, I didn’t know Janet was such a person. In fact, I liked her before. I’m quite surprised to know what she is capable of doing.” Charis shook her head, faking disappointment.

“You better be careful around Janet. She is a vindictive woman.” Jocelyn held Charis’s hand concernedly as if she were a loving stepmother.

Charis suppressed her laughter and nodded at Jocelyn. “Don’t worry. I’m superior to her. She can’t harm me in any way.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m stupid. How can I compare you with Janet? You’re Mr. Turner’s daughter, after all. You must certainly be more capable than my good-for-nothing sister.” Jocelyn smiled sheepishly. She was happy that Luke’s daughter liked her.


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