The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 228

The Mistress’s Goal

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Luke took Jocelyn to a hotel after saying goodbye to Charis.

Jocelyn was his new girlfriend, who he used to satisfy his s****l desires when he deemed fit. She was very submissive to him, and this made him happy.

Jocelyn had incited Luke to pull some strings to get Fiona out of prison.

The Linds had gone bankrupt, so they couldn’t afford to live at their former luxurious villa anymore. With the money Luke gave her, Jocelyn rented a small villa for her parents. It wasn’t as big and luxurious as their previous house. However, it was still more extravagant than the rented apartments in ordinary buildings.

The moment Fiona noticed that Jocelyn was back home this day, she wiped her tears and concealed her sadness. Life in prison had taken a toll on her. She seemed to have aged ten years during her short time in prison. Unlike the beautiful woman she was before, her physical features looked like that of a grandmother. She had wrinkles on her skin. Her eyes were sunken into the sockets. There were also droopy bags underneath them. Worse still, her previous dark curly hair had lost its shine and was already mixed with a few white strands.

“How did things go with Mr. Turner today?” Fiona hurried to get Jocelyn’s bag.

She had been in despair since the Lind family collapsed. Desperation more than anything drove her to teach Jocelyn all her cunning and seduction skills when she found out about her relationship with Luke. She saw Luke as their one -way ticket out of poverty, so she admonished her daughter not to let go of him no matter what.

As soon as Jocelyn got in, she kicked off her high-heeled shoes. She then collapsed on the sofa tiredly. In a disgusted tone, she complained, “How else would it have gone? I had to put up with that old man even though he was so annoying. He’s so weak and bad in bed, but he was busy blabbing like a stallion and asking me if I was having a good time. I had to fake it the entire time.”

Recounting the episode fueled Jocelyn’s anger. She had never allowed such an elderly man to have s*x with her before. Now she felt that she was only a little more valuable than the prostitutes who serviced men in nightclubs.

“Well, stop complaining. It’s always like this at the beginning. You will get used to it gradually.” Not minding her daughter’s discomfort, Fiona decided to cajole her into staying with Luke. She moved closer and patted her comfortingly. She had eyes on something bigger. “You will be his wife in the future. Getting married to him would restore our dignity and give us a better life. So, just endure whatever he does for a while.”

Fiona was a master in this kind of game. Excessive seduction was exactly how she had gotten Bernie to fall in love with her. Back then, Bernie had a fiancee who he had dated for a long time. But Fiona came along and snatched him away. If she hadn’t, he would have been married to someone else.

Now, she was passing on her knowledge to Jocelyn who was already like her in so many ways. Fiona wanted Luke to get married to Jocelyn so she could be the new Mrs. Turner.

“Mom, how long would i have to put up with him? Being with that man isn’t easy at all! By the way, I met his daughter today. She is about the same age as me. She looked beautiful and shrewd. I have a bad feeling about her. She’s definitely a tough nut to crack.” At this moment, Charis’ face appeared in Jocelyn’s mind. She was smiling a lot during their dinner together, but the smiles never reached her eyes.

Fiona waved her daughter’s fears aside. Patting the back of her hand, she said, “Don’t let that bother you, dearie. You should be happy about it. Since Luke took you to meet his daughter, it means he attaches great importance to you.”

Jocelyn instantly had a banging headache when she heard her mother’s words. Luke hadn’t taken her to see his daughter. They had just met coincidentally. ‘My mother has no idea how Luke is. I’ve been submissive to him for a long time, but I don’t think dating him is worth my while. Although he’s generous, he doesn’t make any big promises, let alone guarantee that he would help me and my family. He’s not like other sugar daddies who go the extra mile to make their girlfriends comfortable. Worse still, I can’t see through him at all.’

In this perplexed state, Jocelyn recalled the conversation she had with Charis.

“Mom, it seems like Luke’s daughter works in the same company as Janet. She doesn’t like Janet either”.

This news gladdened Fiona’s heart. She clapped her hands and uttered, “That’s great! You had better make friends with her. After all, it’s said that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Talk to her about Janet. If you two can unite. you can defeat the common enemy while securing your future. You must seize this opportunity. Being her friend would also increase your chances of becoming Mrs. Turner soon!”


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