The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 229

The Plan

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Jocelyn intended to get along well with Charis, and the latter seemed to happily play along. After their meeting in the restaurant; Charis often took Jocelyn out for lunch and shopping.

“You don’t have to save money for my dad. He is a wealthy man, after all. Besides, you are still young. Now is the time to enjoy life.” Charis held Jocelyn’s hand, took her into a luxury store, and brought several Birkins bags.

Jocelyn was used to squandering money and had always led a decadent life. She wanted to be humble and sweet before Charis. However, after hearing her statement, Jocelyn felt she had finally found a friend who shared the same view about life.

“You’re right. Girls should pamper themselves. But Mr. Turner just thinks I’m wasting money.” Jocelyn pouted.

“My father doesn’t care about how much money I spend. He has never said no to me and has given me everything I want. He believes I deserve the best. I mean, that’s what all fathers want for their daughters. But I know my father just fears that I might end up marrying a poor boy. If he thinks you spend too much money, I’ll talk to him about it. After all, we are family. If you still feel awkward or embarrassed, consider me your best friend. Anyway, all my friends are abroad. I don’t know anyone here. I liked you the moment I saw you. We clicked instantly.” Charis grinned. As expected, Jocelyn fell for her sugar-coated remarks.

“Okay. We are best friends from now on.” Jocelyn smiled. She trusted Charis with all her heart and shared everything with her.

The two walked around the mall. It took them all morning to shop and then they found a perfect French bistro for lunch.

Charis learned from Jocelyn that Fiona was in jail because she had attempted to harm Janet. The Lind family had also fallen into a decline. Charis immediately guessed that Brandon had been Janet’s secret guardian angel the entire time.

“By the way, you told me Janet is the reason why your mother is in jail. Do you think Janet is capable of pulling that off? Do you need my help to find out who is really behind all this?” Charis asked, pretending to sympathize with Jocelyn.

“Can you do that?” Jocelyn’s eyes widened with excitement.

“Of course. It’s no big deal. Our family has connections with several big shots in the city.”

Charis feared that Brandon might find out about her plan, so she couldn’t get directly involved in it. However, she could drive a wedge between Jocelyn and Janet, manipulating the former to ruin Janet’s life. Helping Jocelyn was no big deal because Charis needed her to fulfill the plan.

A day later, Charis asked Jocelyn to meet with her again.

“Your family’s problem has something to do with Brandon Larson, the CEO of the Larson Group.” Charis handed all. the evidence to Jocelyn.

“What? But why is he doing all this? We are not involved with him in any way.” Although Jocelyn didn’t know much about Brandon, she knew he was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Seacisco.

Charis pursed her lips and pretended to think. “You got punished right after something happened to Janet. Do you think it’s a coincidence?”.

The frown on Jocelyn’s forehead deepened. Knowing her plan was working, Charis continued. “Well, I don’t think you know this. As a senior manager of the Larson Group, I heard that Brandon has been paying special attention to Janet. I don’t know much about her, and it’s immoral to gossip behind her back. But we have no choice but to probe the possibilities. Do you think Janet might have hooked up with Brandon? He is probably smitten by her, so he sent your mother to jail for trying to harm her.”

Jocelyn clenched the teacup until her knuckles turned white. Her jaw tightened; she was seething with rage. “That s**t is capable of doing it! You’re right Charis. She must have slept with Brandon. That’s why he had sent my mother to jail. He wanted to impress her! Or maybe it was she who asked him to do this for her!”


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