The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 235

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Jocelyn hadn’t expected things to turn out like this.

Her purpose of coming here was to make Janet suffer. But her plan seemed to come back and bite her in the as Worse still, she had to apologize to Janet in public.

This was a famous cafe. There were a lot of customers even though it was a weekday. Some of them had already stolen glances at them.

“I’m sorry,” Jocelyn murmured with her head lowered.

As an extremely proud woman, she found it hard to apologize to Janet.

But she had to do so because she wanted to keep Janet here.

“Did someone say something? Oh! 11 was you. Are you talking to me or yourself?” Janet raised her eyebrows and stared at her to indicate that she didn’t hear her. She obviously wasn’t going to let things slide easily.

“Don’t push it, Janet!” Jocelyn flared up. She badly wished she could tear the arrogant woman in front of her into pieces. To restrain herself, she clenched her fists until her fingers sunk into her palm.

Janet shrugged and opened her hands to feign indifference. She uttered, “Anyway, it’s up to you. You don’t have to force yourself to apologize if you don’t want to. Since you think I am pushing you, I had better leave now.”

She grabbed her handbag and stood up, as if she really wanted to leave.

“Wait a minute, Janet. What’s the rush? You said you didn’t hear me, so I would repeat my apology.” Jocelyn had to compromise. When she saw that her adoptive sister got even more arrogant, she clenched her fists tighter. Her knuckles turned red.

Taking her seat once again, Janet graciously gestured for her to continue.

“Ahem… Janet, I have come to realize that we were wrong for hurting you. We shouldn’t have done all those things. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me and my mom? Remember that we are family no matter what.”

With a displeased sniff, Janet abruptly turned to look out of the window and said, “Your words are so empty. I don’t feel your sincerity at all. Tell me, do you seriously think that those empty words of yours would make up for the years of physical and emotional torture that I suffered at the hands of you and your parents?”

“What’s your deal, Janet? I just said that I’m sorry. What else do you want?” Jocelyn spat angrily.

“I want a sincere apology, not a perfunctory one!” Janet responded coldly and her eyes were full of contempt.

Jocelyn knew that her apology didn’t come from her heart. Now that Janet had seen through her, she bit her lower lip and forced herself to apologize again. “I’m sorry, sister. No amount of apology would make up for what we did to you. But I will continue to apologize because I have realized my mistakes…”

The apology went on for a long time. It wasn’t until Jocelyn’s lips were about to go numb that Janet finally nodded in satisfaction.

She folded her arms and uttered with a smile, “It’s a good thing that you have realized your mistakes and turned a new leaf. Honestly, I’m happy to see that you are a changed woman.”

Stupid b***h! Of course, you are happy. Just wait and see. You will grovel at my feet soon!’ Jocelyn cursed Janet a thousand times in her mind. Plastering a fake smile, she looked at the cup of coffee on the table and said, “Thanks for forgiving me, Janet. Let’s drink up the coffee to celebrate our reconciliation.”

Janet didn’t refuse. She flashed her a smile and picked up the cup of coffee. Before she put it to her lips, she glanced at the neon streetlights in the distance. “Look, is that your dad? I thought you said he has been busy with work. How come he’s on the street?”

“Yes, he left in the afternoon. How could he be here?” Jocelyn was startled. Her attention shifted and she craned her neck to look out of the window, terrified.

At this moment, Janet swiftly exchanged the cups of coffee. The cups looked exactly the same, so Jocelyn wouldn’t notice a thing.

Jocelyn looked out of the window for a few seconds. However, she saw nothing but darkness and the heavy traffic on the road.

“I don’t see him anywhere. Are you sure he’s the one you saw?” She turned around and asked.

After taking a sip of coffee, Janet responded calmly, “Maybe I mistook someone else for him. The man I saw was just like Bernie. He was also dressed the same way. But he might not be your father. I probably made a mistake because of the dim light.”

A wicked glint flashed in Jocelyn’s eyes when she saw that Janet was drinking her coffee. Smiling brightly, she raised her cup for a cheer and said, “Let’s drink up since we have made up.”