The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 236

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A clinking sound rang out as the cups collided.

“Okay. Cheers to reconciliation.” Janet was sneering on the inside, but she clinked cups with her. She smiled at Jocelyn with clear eyes, as if she was oblivious to everything.

Jocelyn fixed her eyes on her adoptive sister and took a few sips of her coffee. Several ideas on what she would do next swirled in her conniving mind.

“Oh, you are almost done drinking your coffee.” When she saw that Janet had almost finished up her cup of coffee without suspecting anything, her smile became brighter.

“Well, I can’t help it. I like the coffee here. No other cafe makes such a perfect cup of coffee.” She supported her jaw with one hand, and circled her index finger on the brim of the cup while looking into the night through the window.

At this moment, a tall and familiar figure wearing a windbreaker quietly passed by the window and blended into the dim street. This figure had a black cap on. Although his face was covered, his tall figure was eye-catching under the streetlights.

Janet was relieved to see him. That tall figure was Ethan.

Ethan took glances at the two women who were sitting beside one of the windows of the cafe. He stood beside the newsstand across the street. Afterward, he took out today’s newspaper and leafed through it.

“What did you see, Janet? Why are you smiling from ear to ear all of a sudden?” Jocelyn tapped the table with her fingers to call Janet’s attention. She was waiting for the d**g to begin to take effect on her.

The tap on the table made Janet come to her senses at once. She pursed her lips to hide her joy and decided to change the topic. Waving her hand, she said, “It’s nothing. I’ve accepted your apology and was done with the coffee. Do you have anything else to say to me?”

‘You want to leave now? Not so fast, b***h. I finally got you to drink the coffee. How can I let you leave just like that? You have to pass out in my presence. And then, I will take my revenge!’ Jocelyn thought devilishly.

“Oh, Janet. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I want to catch up with you. We can talk just like all sisters do.” Jocelyn called her name dearly as if they were really close. She even brushed the back of Janet’s hand.

The d**g was supposed to take effect in a few minutes. Now, she was only stalling time.

The fake smile on Janet’s face vanished at this time. Instead of replying, she folded her arms over her chest and stared straight at her foster sister.

‘Gosh! Where did her smile go? Why is she staring at me like that?’ Jocelyn felt uncomfortable under Janet’s stare. She swallowed hard and averted her gaze without moving an inch.

Both women were still silent when Jocelyn began to feel dizzy a few minutes later. She caught herself dozing off and rubbed her eyes incessantly. It was at this moment she finally realized that something was wrong. She looked at the quiet woman in front of her.

Noticing the faint smirk at the corners of Janet’s lips, her face turned pale. It dawned on her that she had been tricked. Janet had made her fall into her own trap.

“Janet! How dare you…”

Jocelyn wanted to stand up and curse her out. But she was so weak that she passed out on the table before she could finish speaking.

Without wasting time, Janet moved her seat next to her and exchanged their coats and bags. She then put on Jocelyn’s hat and sunglasses.

When Ethan saw that Jocelyn had passed out, he pushed the glass door open and walked in briskly. Janet signaled him to act with her.

A waiter noticed that Jocelyn was lying on the table and seemed unconscious. He quickly walked over to check on her.

“Are you okay, Miss?”

“There’s no cause for alarm. My friend just complained of a stomach ache. We are about to take her to the hospital.”: Janet accompanied this explanation with a natural smile. She then held one of Jocelyn’s arms and asked Ethan to help her with the other.

The waiter swallowed her explanation hook, line, and sinker. He nodded understandably and didn’t ask any more questions. He made way for them.

As they walked out of the cafe, Janet began to rack her brain on what to do next, but she couldn’t come up with anything. All of a sudden, a black minibus came towards them at high speed from down the road.


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